Mary Poppins 2 Is Putting Together An Extraordinary Cast

Mary Poppins

Disney has had some incredible success in recent years creating new versions of and sequels for their old classics - so it's no surprise that they're investing plenty of money in the cast of one of their most anticipated upcoming projects. Mary Poppins Returns, which is set up to be a sequel to the beloved film from s1964, has been working its way through pre-production, and in the process collecting one hell of an ensemble to put in front of the camera.

Director Rob Marshall has been orchestrating things behind the scenes for Mary Poppins Returns, and with Variety dropping the news today that yet another incredibly talented actor has signed on, we figured now is the perfect time to take a closer look at the team that the production has assembled.

Emily Blunt

First on the docket is the wonderful Emily Blunt, who audiences will be able to see back on the big screen this weekend in The Girl On The Train (for which her performance is earning incredible reviews). In a piece of what can only be described as perfect casting, Blunt has been selected as the actor who will be playing the legendary titular role of Mary Poppins. Considering that Julie Andrews created an iconic take on the character back in the 1960s, she has some pretty big shoes to fill, but it's hard not to think of her as being up for the task.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Next up we have the fast rising star Lin-Manuel Miranda - whose presence makes us even more excited about the fact that Mary Poppins Returns is going to be a musical. The famed Hamilton creator/star will be playing an original character in the sequel, specifically a street lamplighter named Jack. It's hard not to think about that role and think about connections to Dick Van Dyke's Bert the chimney sweep, but we'll just have to wait and see the film to see if comparisons are justified.

Meryl Streep

Reteaming with Emily Blunt for the third time after The Devil Wears Prada and Into The Woods, Meryl Streep also has a key role in Mary Poppins Returns - and it doesn't look like she'll be playing the villain this time around. Instead, trade reports have said that she will actually be playing a relative of the eponymous character, specifically a cousin.

Ben Whishaw

To get back to characters from the original Mary Poppins, the upcoming sequel will give us a look at the adults that the young Michael and Jane Banks have turned into - and the former will be played by Ben Whishaw (who came aboard the movie about a month ago). It currently remains unclear exactly what has happened in the years been the two stories, or exactly what kind of life Michael has been living since his days with a magical nanny in his youth.

Emily Mortimer

Finally we have arrived at Emily Mortimer, who is the latest actor to join the impressive ensemble. Pairing up with Ben Whishaw, Mortimer will be playing the adult version of Jane Banks in Mary Poppins Returns, the character originally played by Karen Dotrice. Like Jane's brother, we don't know exactly what she's been up to in the 25 years between the original and the sequel, but we are excited to find out.

Obviously Mary Poppins Returns is turning into a very high-profile project, so you can be sure that we will have more updates for you about it as they roll in. Production is likely going to start before the end of the year, with Disney having set a December 25, 2018 release date.

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