The Mary Poppins Sequel May Have Just Added A Major Star

Meryl Streep

Who would have thought that Disney would ever mount a sequel to Mary Poppins 52 years after the first film was a groundbreaking success? Mary Poppins Returns promises to give the public their first cinematic look into the legendary nanny's life since Julie Andrews originated the role, with Emily Blunt taking the torch for the modern age. And possibly joining her, in the newly created role of Topsy Poppins, is her previous collaborator from Into The Woods and The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep.

The reports suggesting this possibility come from Variety, who specify that Mary Poppins Returns will include the character of Topsy, a cousin of Mary's who is unique to this film sequel. This also reunites Streep, as well as Blunt, with their Into The Woods director, Rob Marshall, as they tell the story of Mary Poppins' return to Jane and Michael Banks, just as they're getting over "a personal loss." Also joining the cast is the character of Jack, a lamplighter and friend of Mary's, played by Disney's new best friend, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Not much else is known about Topsy Poppins' role in the film, except for the fact that Meryl Streep will get to do her own singing in the film in the role. Considering Mary Poppins Returns is earmarking itself for release in December 2018, and Streep is now part of the team, there could be a chance that in addition to playing for the family friendly box-office of the winter season, Disney is also looking to make a big play for that year's awards season.

Emily Blunt

As for Mary Poppins Returns, the film sounds like the kind of project that Meryl Streep would easily join up for, considering the pedigree and those involved. With new songs written by Mark Shaiman and Scott Wittman that will more than likely call back to the style of the Sherman Brothers' heyday, Mary Poppins Returns sounds like it'll be the warm blanket of entertainment that audiences flock to once it is released. It may be 52 years since Mary Poppins returns to the world of the cinema, but the magic looks to still be present and accounted for. Should Meryl Streep find herself as the latest member of the still forming team, it would only be make things sweeter.

Mary Poppins Returns glides into theaters on December 25th, 2018.

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