6 Reasons The Wonder Woman Trailer Has Us All In On This Movie

Wonder Woman

San Diego Comic-Con is a place where many studios reveal their latest, most special trailers, and this year was no exception. While there's a number of exciting and interesting trailers on display at the convention, many eyes were seeking their first real look at next year's DC Comics film, Wonder Woman. As the first major comic book movie starring a woman, there's obviously a lot riding on this film, and every impression counts.

The good news is that based on what we saw, there's a lot to be excited about here. There were several sequences that had us laughing, cheering, and otherwise going absolutely crazy for the new movie. In fact, everything we saw makes us confident that Wonder Woman is going to be everything we want it to be. Here are just a few of the reasons why we're ready to meet Diana of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman

It Opens (And Closes) With A Joke

While the next film coming from DC, Suicide Squad, is fully expected to have its share of laughs, it's a unique case as that film is about the bad guys. The two previous hero-centric films from DC, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, have been much more serious, and nearly entirely devoid of humor. Not so with Wonder Woman, as it made it clear from the beginning that humor has a place in the DC Universe. Chris Pine's confusion over Diana's surprise that he is a man is funny, as is the joke about the similarity between being a secretary and slavery. There will be plenty of drama in Wonder Woman, but it's nice to see that there will be some humor as well.

Wonder Woman

Themyscira is Gorgeous

Another concept that has been consistent throughout the DC films thus far has been that the settings for the previous films have been lots of big, grey cities. Seeing the deep blue water and the gorgeous beach of Wonder Woman's home, Themyscira, is a wonderful change of pace from the norm, as this is the type of cinematography that we want to look at. While we know the entire movie won't be taking place there, it will at least be opening there, which will give us some lovely new scenery to gawk at.

The Sword In The Gown is Badass

We're not sure what's going on here within the context of Wonder Woman, but whatever it is is freaking awesome. Diana appears to have the hilt of a sword sticking out from the back of her gown, at a rather fancy looking event that she's attending. Because really, where else is she going to put it, considering dresses like that don't usually come scabbards? While the sword isn't exactly subtle, it does make Wonder Woman look more like an assassin than a soldier. It's an interesting implication and we're very curious where this scene is going.

Wonder Woman

World War I Is A Brutal, And Exciting, Setting

War is hell. World War I, however, was one of the more hellish wars the world has ever seen. It's not an era that we usually see on film, which will make Wonder Woman unique for that reason alone. What's more, the trailer appears to show Wonder Woman crossing a battlefield, deflecting mortars with her shield. The fantastic part about this is that Wonder Woman won't simply take place during the war, but the lead character will actually fight in it. Something we didn't see much of during Captain America: The First Avenger, as he fought the fictional battles against HYDRA more than he did any actual Nazis.

Wonder Woman

The Lasso Looks Incredibly Cool

While we got a glimpse of Wonder Woman's lasso in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the fact that she was fighting the massive Doomsday meant that it was of limited usefulness. Against normal humans, however, that thing is a weapon to be reckoned with. Case in point: the Wonder Woman trailer allows us to see her tossing guys around like rag dolls, thanks to her Lasso of Truth. And, of course, it shines beautifully, and if there's a positive side to the grey backdrops of World War I, it's that it helps the lasso stand out.

Wonder Woman

She Carries Herself Like A Warrior

We're putting our cards on the table for this one: Gal Gadot is a beautiful actress. But, make no mistake, her attractive nature doesn't make this incarnation of Wonder Woman a sex symbol. Everything about the way Wonder Woman moves in this trailer is about the fight. She exudes strength and power, and she walks on to a battlefield with confidence. Whatever her relationship with Steve Trevor, it won't be standing in the way of the job she has to do. This looks like the hero that female fans, and more than a few male ones, have been waiting for.

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