Vampire v.s. Werewolves: it's a tale as old as time. These supernatural monsters never seem to get along very much in any movie or TV show, and that's especially true in the Underworld series. The action horror franchise as centered around a war between the two groups, and it doesn't look like anyone will be waving a white flag in Underworld: Blood Wars. The fifth film just released a new trailer showing the age old war escalating to new heights. Check it out.

Premiering just in time for New York Comic Con, the new trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars is taking no prisoners. Kate Beckinsale returns as Selene, the vampire ass-kicker and main character of the franchise. Selene will once again be thrown into the middle of the war between vampires and werewolves, and this time both factions will be hunting her down. Selene's got magical blood (a trope that is getting really tiresome now) that can make any werewolf or vampire invincible. Hunting her is Marius (Tobias Menzies), the new Lycan leader, and Semira (Lara Pulver), a vampire, who wish to use Selene's magic blood for themselves.

Possibly the biggest takeaway from the trailer is that Selene will be getting her own upgrade. She goes through some kind of transformation that grants her new powers, but comes with the side effect of giving her highlights. She was able to take out a squad of goons single-handedly in just a few seconds, which makes you wonder if anyone can stand up to her now. Plus, Selene's daughter Eve will play a major part in the film, sharing her mother's blood and becoming a target herself.

The increasingly convoluted series of Underworld has never gotten too much critical praise, but it usually does fairly well at the box office, which is why we're now on the fifth of these movies. The series has always had a striking similarity to the Resident Evil film series -- at least on the surface level. Supposedly, there is a sixth movie in development with Beckinsale set to reprise her role, but there haven't been many updates on that.

Underworld: Blood Wars is directed by Anna Foerster, making her film directing debut after serving as the cinematographer for Alien: Ressurection and The Day After Tomorrow. Foerster has also directed episodes of Criminal Minds and Outlander. The script is penned by Cory Goodman (The Last Witch Hunter). Joining Beckinsale is Theo James (The Divergent series) as David and Charles Dance as Thomas, both men reprising their roles from Underworld: Awakening. The cast is further rounded out by James Faulkner, Peter Andersson, and newcomer Clementine Nicholson.

Underworld: Blood Wars is scheduled to hit theaters on January 6, 2017.

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