We are now just a few weeks away from the release of director Scott Derrickson's Doctor Strange, but last night fans across the country got a special early look at the blockbuster. In IMAX theaters, fans were treated to a full 15-minutes' worth of footage from the film, showcasing moments from the beginning, middle and climactic finale. I personally attended one of the screenings in Los Angeles -- and if you don't wish to know details about the scenes, you may want to click away to another one of our articles now, because I'm recapping the whole thing!

Set to the guitar rhythms of Beck's "Soul of a Man," the Doctor Strange footage began with the titular hero (Benedict Cumberbatch) back in his days before becoming Sorcerer Supreme -- operating as the world's most gifted and famous neurosurgeon. Through walk-and-talk conversations through hospital hallways with Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), we immediately get a sense of Dr. Stephen Strange's arrogance. While she is proud of her work saving lives in the Emergency Room alongside "Nic" (presumably Michael Stuhlbarg's Nicodemus West), Strange sees no value in it compared to the advanced cases he takes on in hopes of advancing his field and paving new research paths. Christine sees his egotism right through these excuses (noting that ER work doesn't create opportunities to appear in CNN), and rebuffs his questions about whether or not she is dating Nic by explaining her "Strange Policy" regarding dating co-workers.

While the footage is overlaid with clips of Dr. Strange working his magic in the operating room, he asks Christine if she wants to go to a speaking engagement he's attending that night. It's clear that the two have a history, as he explains that they used to have fun together, by Christine notes that only he had fun because the speaking engagements were all about him. Later that night, we watch as Strange gets dressed to the nines in his beautiful-but-empty apartment, and he exits his home driving off at top speed in his sleek grey Porsche.

Driving along a curvy mountainside (still at top speed), Strange takes a call from his assistant, and asks about the potential cases that he has the option of taking. The first is a 35-year-old Marine Colonel who was injured while using experimental armor -- deemed too easy, as there are many other surgeons who could take on the case. The second is a woman with some kind of serious brain issue -- and apparently it's too risky for Strange to risk his surgical statistics. The last case is a schizophrenic girl with a chip in her head who has been struck by lightning, and it's this one that catches the doctor's attention. He has his assistant send him the MRI scans in his car, but this winds up being a huge mistake, as it proves to be enough of a momentary distraction for Strange to lose control of his vehicle and go careening off a cliff.

Particularly notable in this sequence are two things: the first is the shocking sight of seeing Dr. Strange's hands completely impale the dashboard of his car, which, of course, winds up being a hugely important event that winds up shaping the rest of the film's narrative. The second is that the 3D in the car crash sequence is fantastic. As the camera swirls through the wreckage in slow-motion, glass flies out of the audience as a cool effect, and it winds up being impressively immersive as a result.

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