Michael Bay Drops F-Bombs, Poses With Medieval Warriors In Fantastic Transformers Video

It's safe to say that Michael Bay is excited about having been able to direct Transformers: The Last Knight, his fifth time working with the robots in disguise. Earlier today, we wrote about how Bay posted a video of him on set in the United Kingdom on what looks like a medieval battleground. Well, only a day later, he shot another video for social media, one which he started excellently by dropping an f-bomb. Take a look!

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As with the previous video, Bay is still on the battlefield set, but in this one, he kicked off by telling one of the production members to "get the fuck out" of the shot. He immediately realized he shouldn't be swearing on camera, which immediately draws laughter from the people nearby. Moving past that faux pas, he told the viewers on Facebook that this is his last day shooting Transformers: The Last Knight in the U.K. and commerated the occasion by posing next to a hoard of medieval warriors, all of whom roared with enthusiasm. Even if you're not a diehard Transformers fan, you have to admit, it looked extremely cool.

But wait, there's more! While spouting off some of the actors who will appear in Transformers: The Last Knight, he mentioned two names that we haven't heard about until today. The first was John Turturro, who will reprise Seymour Simmons, who he played in the first three Transformers movie. The second was John Goodman, who voiced Hound in the last movie, but it's unclear if the Kong: Skull Island star will also get to play a human in this entry. Regardless, with Turturro and Goodman in the movie, we'll be getting an unofficial Big Lebowski reunion, although whether those two will share any screen time remains to be seen.

Michael Bay ended the video by mentioning that a Transformers: The Last Knight teaser will likely premiere sometime in November or December, and in the meantime, the production is heading to India and Africa for a few more days of shooting. Even though specific plot details surrounding the fifth Transformers movie are scarce, it's already clear it will probably the most bonkers of all the franchise entries. As evidenced by the warriors, some of the movie will take place during medieval times, but will also incorporate the King Arthur legend. If that's not weird enough for you, this story will also visit World War II, although this is a version of history where the Nazis successfully invaded Great Britain. Then, of course, there will be all the insanity happening in the present day. It will be a a while until all the pieces will be put into place, but at least can already tell it will be all kinds of busy.

Transformers: The Last Knight rolls into theaters on June 23, 2017.

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