Will The Transformers Fight Hitler? Here's What We Know


Over the weekend we gained several new pieces of information regarding the newest entry in the Transformers franchise. When taken together, all these pieces add up to a very odd, but truly intriguing, upcoming film. We have recently discovered that some portion of Transformers: The Last Knight will take place during WWII, in an alternate version of history no less. Also, Hitler's headquarters will be represented in the film. So, will the Transformers fight Hitler? It certainly seems like a possibility.

Over the weekend on the Transformers 5 shoot in the UK, some of the sets were adorned with Nazi flags. Indicating that some portion of the film will take place during World War II. What's more, Michael Bay has revealed that Winston Churchhill will actually be a major character in the movie. This, in response to some angry folks in Great Britain, upset by the fact that the former Prime Minister's home was being used as Adolf Hitler's headquarters in the film. It appears that somehow the film will enter an alternate history when the Nazi's successfully invaded Great Britain.

So, if Hitler has a headquarters that will feature prominently in Transformers: The Last Knight, does that mean that Hitler himself will make an appearance? Since this is a Transformers movie, we assume that robots in disguise will be traveling through time back to the war. Transformers versus Hitler? Sure, why not? Of course, the even more important question is, will Hitler have Nazi Transformers? Please let there be Nazi Transformers.

Of course, if Hitler is in control of Nazi Transformers, that would only be about the fourth weirdest thing to occur based on what we know of this script. In addition to dealing with alternative history Nazis, it also deals with Arthurian legend and Merlin the magician as well. The idea that Transformers vs Hitler might be a thing that happens would have seemed even too crazy for Michael Bay at one point, now we're not so sure.

We'll say this much. For the first time, since before the release of the first movie, we're all very curious to see the new Transformers movie. We just need to know exactly what this monstrosity actually is. Winston Churchhill and the Transformers fighting alternate history Nazis? Could this really, honestly, be happening? It sounds like something that a sketch comedy show would make up about a Michael Bay pitch meeting.

Transformers: The Last Knight is setting itself up to be the most bonkers and over the top entry in the series. On the one hand, it seems like the creators have gone absolutely mad with power considering the billions of dollars that the franchise routinely makes. At the same time, maybe unapologetic insanity is exactly what the franchise needs.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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