While horror is the genre that Halloween calls its own, there's a subgenre that's just as important as its parent classification: the horror-comedy. If horror's the trick, then comedy must be the treat, as laughing and screaming have gone hand in hand for a long while. And yet, for as legendary a field as the land of the horror-comedy is, there are 10 films that top the rest, no questions asked (in our humble opinion, anyway). These 10 films take the world of the absurd, the unexplained, and in some cases, the vicious, and make them into films that can thrill as well as chill. So dim the lights, grab your popcorn, and get ready to laugh at the best genre crossovers that the horror-comedy field has to offer!

10. Zombieland

Zombieland is a film that's basically the American cousin to Shaun of the Dead, though in the case of Ruben Fleischer's directorial debut, it's a little more on the nose, and tends to weigh heavier in its comedic execution than it does in its horror prowess. But without the heavy compliment of laughs and rich character moments that our cast of four zombie hunters keep the film stocked with, those moments of frightening action wouldn't be worth a box of Twinkies after the zombie apocalypse. The planned sequel can't come soon enough, as that failed Amazon pilot reminded us just how delicate of a balance the original film existed in.

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