October is upon us, and as such, it's time to break out the spooky, the scary, and the chillingly funny films that make Halloween one of the best damned holidays of the year! And what better way to entertain yourself, or even a party full of your dearest friends, than a good night's worth of Netflix streaming titles!

Of course, seeing as the selection on your Netflix queue can be both bottomless and extremely limited all at once, a handy guide is always useful for when a choice must be made. Which is why we're glad to be of service, and provide you with a list of 13 delightfully frightful picks that will either have you keeping the lights on, or pumped up with the Halloween spirit!

The Guest

Despite their top notch efforts with films like You're Next and the newest Blair Witch, writer/director duo Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard are still not household names. Yet if you talk to any horror junkie worth their salt, they'll tell you that this talented duo are two of the best personalities working in the business of scaring and thrilling audiences. A perfect example of their powers turned up to 11 is the sly thriller The Guest, which takes the story of a soldier returning home from Iraq and tells it through the lens of 1980's horror. The end result is Dan Stevens being impossibly charming, yet also a total badass, worthy of a place next to both Patrick Swayze and Michael Meyers in their respective canons.

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