Crazy Transformers 5 Set Video Sends Mark Wahlberg And Laura Haddock On An Upside Down Ride

There are times when one wonders why Michael Bay is given so much money to play with in these movies, then we see what he does with it, and we remember. The newest video from the set of Transformers: The Last Knight doesn't show a speeding car, Nazis, or an epic battle on horseback. Instead, what we get is something that looks like the next ride to be released at Disneyland. How long would you wait in line to try out the "room roll?"

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Transformers movies are CGI spectacle films to be sure, but if you assume that everything that you see there is done by a computer, you'd be wrong. The new video posted to the Transformers: The Last Knight Facebook Page shows co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock being strapped into a big spinning structure which simulates a building falling over, or something along those lines. As green screens are being used to give us the background, and we can't see what's on them here, we have no idea exactly what is going on.

It would seem to be something a bit more than simply a collapsing building as they don't usually end up with the floor above you, at worst it will end up perpendicular to the ground. Also, the fact that one of the people working on the set says that the "room roll" is just going to spin around again and again until Michael Bay says stop doesn't help us figure out what kind of a shot he's going for. We're trying to guess why a room would spin around in a circle and we're not coming up with many options. Unless, maybe it's in space? Maybe that's a crazy idea but this is Transformers there's nothing wrong with crazy.

We have to admit, it looks like fun, though. Laura Haddock seems to have enjoyed her trip around the room role, even if she happens to drop a decided non-PG-13 word when describing the experience. They're strapped in with wires so there's no real worry that anything could go wrong. The thing seems to spin slowly enough that they could deal with any problems before they become major difficulties.

The room roll is just the latest in a series of videos that have been released from the production of Transformers: The Last Knight. We've seen cars racing down the road in front of Buckingham Palace and the aftermath of medieval battles on horseback as well. The movie is looking to be absolutely insane and the construction of giant spinning floors is possibly the least nuts thing that's happened.

Why do you think Transformers: The Last Knight needs a rotating room? Give us your theories in the comments below.

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