Two weeks after the announcement of its title, release date and some truly awesome production photos, the first official trailer for Logan finally landed today. If you've seen it, then you already know that it did not disappoint. In an era defined by enormous action sequences and omnipresent CGI, Logan represents a pensive and intimate look at the final days of Marvel's most popular mutant. Honestly, it's pretty clear that Hugh Jackman intends to go out with a bang.

We've gone through the trailer (more times than we would care to admit) and picked out some of the most badass moments that still have us talking. Check out our list and let us know what you thought of the first official Logan trailer. Now let's get started with what we all came here to see: action.

Logan Vs. The Reavers

Wolverine won't be seeking out trouble during the events of Logan, but trouble will most certainly find him. This sequences shows the film's hero squaring off against (what we assume to be) The Reavers in a burned-out industrial area. Overall, his fighting style definitely resembles everything that we have come to expect from the character over the course of the last 17 years, as Logan hacks, slashes and claws his way through a squad of bad guys like the cornered animal that he is. These guys are learning the hard way that they definitely messed with the wrong mutant.

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