How Aquaman And Mera’s Relationship Will Be Different In The DCEU

Aquaman Mera

It's no secret that Aquaman is one of the most outlandish DC heroes of all time. Jason Momoa's muscle-bound hero rules an undersea kingdom and possesses powers that rival Superman. However, even kings have relationship problems. With 2018's Aquaman on the horizon, director James Wan will take Arthur Curry's classic love story with Queen Mera (Amber Heard), and refocus it to emphasize its tumultuous nature. Wan explained:

It starts off initially with them not quite clicking with each other. But then, as the story progresses, as they learn to try and work together, they get closer and closer. I think those stories are always such a great place for a filmmaker like myself to have fun with my actors. I think that dynamic will be really interesting between the two. Amber's character is super strong, she's very powerful as well. You don't wanna mess with her. I think Amber will bring that sense of strength, but at the same time, we also want someone who has a sort of feminine quality to her as well. She's a bit of a contrast to Momoa, who's more of a muscular machine almost.

James Wan recently spoke with Bustle about the direction of Arthur Curry and Mera's relationship during the events of 2018's Aquaman. While the two are destined for romance, it seems that they will definitely get off to a very rocky start. Instead of a traditional love story, the dynamic between Aquaman and Mera will fall into the "love-hate" category. There's a long history of Aquaman and Mera bickering and being antagonistic towards one another in the comics, but the film will really delve into how they butt heads with one another in the early days of their relationship.

The friction between these two characters will stem from their respective forms of strength. Aquaman will exude a very traditional form of machismo, while Mera will have a strength very firmly rooted in her femininity. These conflicting styles of power will force these two heroes into conflict, until they can find a synergy by working together. If you've ever been in a relationship, that should ring incredibly true.

This assessment of the aquatic romance definitely lines up with previous descriptions of the movie. We reported last week that James Wan has likened the story of Aquaman to classic 1980s action movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Romancing the Stone. That makes plenty of sense now, as both of those movies are thrilling adventure films that draw much of their respective humor from the antagonistic relationship between the romantic leads.

Considering James Wan's creative direction, it sounds like the relationship between Arthur Curry and Mera will inspire some of Aquaman's biggest laughs and best drama. CinemaBlend will bring you more information concerning the water-based hero's upcoming solo movie. Aquaman will splash its way into theaters on July 27, 2018.

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