Wonder Woman is a very important movie. Not only is this because the DC Extended Universe has got off to a pretty poor start critically, but because Hollywood doesn't have enough female led blockbusters to inspire younger Wonder Women like 3-year-old Nellee Rossi. Nellee's father Josh Rossi decided to honor his daughter's love of the superhero by turning her into Wonder Woman for a photo series. And the results are truly spectacular.

As you can see above, Josh Rossi's photo is truly something spectacular, as Nellee stood tall in full Wonder Woman attire while also brandishing her sword, all of which was set against a smoky back-drop. However, this was just the beginning. He teased his series of photos that turned Nellee into Wonder Woman last week, taking to Instagram to write:

Tomorrow I'll be releasing a crazy series of images I have been working on for the past two months! I've kept it a secret from most everyone. My 3 year old daughter is obsessed with Wonder Woman, so being a good dad/commercial photographer I had to do smthg about it.

As promised, Josh Rossi soon started releasing the images of Nellee re-imagined as Wonder Woman, and they were so adorable that they instantly made the world a much better place. I mean, just check out this adorableness:

We were even able to see some of Nellee's skills as an actress, too. Here she is looking pensive and moody in full Wonder Woman attire. Or maybe she was just upset that she was being forced to work through nap time:

Would anyone be interested in a photoshop tutorial of this series? And if so, which image?

A photo posted by Josh Rossi (@joshrossiphoto) on

Josh Rossi also made sure to get an action shot of Nellee, too. Which, as you'd expect, featured her swinging the Lasso Of Truth around her head while screaming at the top of her lungs:

Josh Rossi uploaded several more images of Nellee as the cutest Wonder Woman the world has ever seen. Those of you that want to overdose on her adorableness can click onto the next page to check them out.

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