The Power Rangers Movie Launches Its Viral Site And It’s Loaded With New Information

Power Rangers

One of the most anticipated films of next year is the upcoming cinematic reboot of the Power Rangers. For those who just can't wait for more info. Angel Grove High School is now publishing their school newspaper online. The new viral website has just launched alongside the new school year, and as it just so happens to focus almost exclusively on the five characters that will make up the Power Rangers, we get a bit more insight into exactly who they are.

Nearly every member of the team is given their own article in The Roar, the name of the newspaper which is essentially just a Tumblr page with a nice masthead. Billy Cranston and his stellar academic record are the focus of the Student Spotlight section. Though the article remarks that the student was recently spotted in detention, an event that we see in the trailer leads to the five kids ending up together in order to gain the power that turns them into the Power Rangers. A slightly more interesting part of the site deals with Trini. She is the subject of the New Student Spotlight, although right next to that is a letter to the editor that she wrote to complain because she isn't actually a new student. Apparently, she just tends to get ignored.

Power Rangers

As the news regards the future Red Ranger, there are two stories in the Sports section. One highlights that Jason Scott is the star of the football team, the other announces that he's been suspended for the duration of the football season for a prank that apparently went so bad he now has to wear a police ankle monitor, something that we have seen in the opening shots of the film's trailer.

Kimberly also has a couple of stories dedicated to her. One talks about how she's apparently no longer a cheerleader, though the other points out that her new style is being well received by the fashionistas. It even goes so far to link out to actual websites where you can buy the outfit we see in the trailer, if you're so inclined. Poor Zack only gets a single photo in the news. We're not sure what he did wrong.

The highlight of the newspaper, however, may be the bit that asks to see people's Halloween costumes, as one of the images will look familiar to Power Rangers fans.

Time will tell what new info will be added to the news site prior to the film's release. Hopefully, it won't give away too much of the movie itself. Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017.

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