Halloween has come and gone, so now that horror has had it's day, it's time to give way to the natural antidote to fear: comedy! Throughout the course of November, Starz is going to be running double features each and every night, starting tonight at 9 PM EST. While there's a lot of films to choose from, we'd like to point out some of our choice pairings that will be airing throughout the month. Considering we're only a week away from a hotly contested national election, everyone should be able to enjoy a good load of laughter after what we've all been through. Here now is Starz' comedy line-up for November:

There's Something About Mary

The month kicks off with a Summer themed two-fer, as Summer Rental with John Candy and Summer School with Mark Harmon both air tonight. Considering how warm it was a couple of days ago, someone in the programming department must have their own healthy sense of humor, and it shows. Other notables in this group are the rom-com classic Sleepless in Seattle, which is airing with another underrated John Candy flick, John Hughes' Only The Lonely. Finally, if you're a big Ben Stiller fan, Dodgeball and There's Something About Mary are here to help.


_Summer Renta_l at 9:00pm
Summer School at 11:00pm


Sleepless in Seattle at 9:00pm
Only the Lonely 11:00pm


Mr. Mom at 9:00pm
Nine Months at 11:00pm


Fever Pitch at 9:00pm
Bull Durham at 11:00pm


Dodgeball at 9:00pm
There's Something About Mary 11:00pm

The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski will be the first film up on November 6th, with Me, Myself & Irene following up right after. If you ever wondered who wore anger best, Jim Carrey or John Goodman, your time is now. Also on Election Night, a very fitting double bill will be running with Nicholas Cage guarding Shirley McClaine in Guarding Tess in the 9 PM slot, and My Fellow Americans showing Jack Lemmon and James Garner uncovering some political malfeasance at 11 PM. Mike Meyers fans, you may want to pay attention to the line-up on the 10th.


The Big Lebowski at 9:00pm
Me, Myself & Irene at 11:00pm


Leave it to Beaver at 9:00pm
The Beverly Hillbillies at 11:00pm


Guarding Tess at 9:00pm
My Fellow Americans at 11:00pm


Sorority Boys at 9:00pm
Grandma's Boy at 11:00pm


Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me at 9:00pm
So, I Married an Axe Murderer at 11:00pm

Office Space

The Blues Brothers and Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life pair up two classic comedy teams for one night of overwhelming laughter on November 13th, while those of you looking for something a little Patrick Dempsey-er can watch Sweet Home Alabama and Made of Honor on November 11th. Even better, if you like workplace comedy, or you're just an Office Space fan, you can get your fix with Mike Judge's classic on the 15th; followed by some more office hijinks at 11pm with Working Girl.


Sweet Home Alabama at 9:00pm
Made of Honor at 11:00pm


You Don't Mess With the Zohan at 9:00pm
40 Days and 40 Nights at 11:00pm


The Blues Brothers at 9:00pm
Monty Python's Meaning of Life at 11:00pm


Undercover Brother at 9:00pm
The Golden Child at 11:00pm


Office Space at 9:00pm
Working Girl at 11:00pm


If we have to tell you to watch The Money Pit and Big on 11/16, then frankly we don't know if we can be friends with you anymore. A double feature of Tom Hanks goodness is something that no sane individual can consciously pass up, especially considering Hanks' laugh in The Money Pit is up there with his portrayal as the true sign of our times, David S. Pumpkins. Though if you do miss that night's entertainment, you can make it up to yourself on November 17th, as A Fish Called Wanda and Fierce Creatures take the night by storm.


The Money Pit at 9:00pm
Big at 11:00pm


A Fish Called Wanda at 9:00pm
Fierce Creatures at 11:00pm


Kindergarten Cop at 9:00pm
Wild Hogs at 11:00pm


White Men Can't Jump at 9:00pm
The Wedding Ringer at 11:00pm


The Hot Chick at 9:00pm
Paul Blart 2 at 11:00pm


Hit comedies are rare, but sequels to said comedies are even rarer, which makes this block of films all the more interesting. Three sequel pairings are up for laughs, with Airplane and Airplane II: The Sequel airing on 11/21 and The Flintstones and its sequel, Viva Rock Vegas, taking center stage on 11/24. Rounding out the double trouble festival is Cheech and Chong, with some Nice Dreams airing on 11/25 at 9 pm and their Next Movie following behind at 11 pm.


Airplane! at 9:00pm
Airplane II: The Sequel at 11:00pm


Dr. Doolittle at 9:00pm
The Brady Bunch at 11:00pm


Home Sweet Hell at 9:00pm
Never Been Kissed at 11:00pm


The Flintstones at 9:00pm
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas at 11:00pm


Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams at 9:00pm
Cheech and Chong's Next Movie at 11:00pm


We close out the November line-up with some educated tom-foolery on November 26th and 27th, as the first night has Superbad and Risky Business on deck; while the following night showcases Dazed and Confused and Back to School. Hitting the books has never been more fun, though we do end the month with more grown-up fare, as Cheaper by the Dozen, In & Out, and The Object of My Affection all fill the last two days of the month, with Hot Shots! Part Deux mixing things up as well.


Superbad at 9:00pm
Risky Business at 11:00pm


Dazed and Confused at 9:00pm
Back to School at 11:00pm


Teen Wolf at 9:00pm
Mallrats at 11:00pm


Cheaper by the Dozen at 9:00pm
Hot Shots! Part Deux at 11:00pm


In & Out at 9:00pm
Object of My Affection at 10:00pm

November is a hell of a month for comedy on Starz, so if you're an avid viewer of the channel, bookmark this listing and prepare to kick off the double feature bonanza with Summer Rental and Summer School, starting at 9 PM EST tonight!

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