Halloween has come and gone, so now that horror has had it's day, it's time to give way to the natural antidote to fear: comedy! Throughout the course of November, Starz is going to be running double features each and every night, starting tonight at 9 PM EST. While there's a lot of films to choose from, we'd like to point out some of our choice pairings that will be airing throughout the month. Considering we're only a week away from a hotly contested national election, everyone should be able to enjoy a good load of laughter after what we've all been through. Here now is Starz' comedy line-up for November:

The month kicks off with a Summer themed two-fer, as Summer Rental with John Candy and Summer School with Mark Harmon both air tonight. Considering how warm it was a couple of days ago, someone in the programming department must have their own healthy sense of humor, and it shows. Other notables in this group are the rom-com classic Sleepless in Seattle, which is airing with another underrated John Candy flick, John Hughes' Only The Lonely. Finally, if you're a big Ben Stiller fan, Dodgeball and There's Something About Mary are here to help.


_Summer Renta_l at 9:00pm
Summer School at 11:00pm


Sleepless in Seattle at 9:00pm
Only the Lonely 11:00pm


Mr. Mom at 9:00pm
Nine Months at 11:00pm


Fever Pitch at 9:00pm
Bull Durham at 11:00pm


Dodgeball at 9:00pm
There's Something About Mary 11:00pm

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