Are you sitting down? Good, because we have a little bit of a shock for you to endure: today’s Tax Day. That’s right, thanks to some entanglements involving April 15th being a Friday, and a federal holiday being observed in Washington D.C., your tax deadline was pushed to today, the 18th. As if you didn’t hate Mondays enough. Still, there’s no use in sulking, as death and taxes are two certainties in life, and you should be thankful you’re only being called upon to fulfill the latter obligation. So in the spirit of Tax Day, let us entertain you with the following laugh riots that are guaranteed to make you laugh at the system. Provided, of course, that you’ve filed your taxes in proper order.

Trading Places
We’re going to start you folks off with a classic, as Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy’s Duke Brothers make a bet over whether Dan Aykroyd will crack and Eddie Murphy will thrive in opposite stations in life. Trading Places is a comedy classic that surprisingly holds up today, mostly because the way power brokers act on Wall Street really hasn’t changed. That, and how can you resist Murphy and Aykroyd shenanigans in a film where they’re at their peak? Whether it’s your first, or fiftieth time watching this one, you’re going to leave with a smile on your face.

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