Recently Jeff Bridges made himself available to provide fans with answers to anything and everything and they responded by peppering his Dudeness with an array of oddball queries on Reddit. Throughout his time in the hot seat he revealed quite a few things we didn't know about or may have just forgotten. Which means it's time for us to share with you the six best things we learned (or re-learned) from the man who fought for the Users and became The Giver.

He Stuck To The Book When Making True Grit
When inhabiting the role of Rooster Cogburn for the Coen Brothers' 2011 remake of True Grit, Jeff Bridges brought to life a character that had been brought to the big screen once before by the legendary John Wayne. Now depending on what type of method an actor chooses to follow, they may or may not follow the path that their predecessor has laid out for them. After all, why change what worked? That's not what Jeff Bridges did. In fact, it was the fact that the John Wayne version was still so iconic that made him wonder why they would even make a newer version. The Coens gave Bridges the answer any literary fan would give.
"...they said "Have you read the book?" and I had not, so after I did read the book I understood why they wanted to make the movie again. It read like a Coen brothers movie. So I jumped on board, and I didn't really reference the John Wayne performance, it was mainly taking my cues from the character in the book."

Following True Grit's source material was probably the smartest choice all involved with the film could have made, and it put Jeff Bridges in a role that was memorable for showcasing his wit and his charm – as well as his talent for putting on incomprehensible accents. Of course, this was his second collaboration with the Coen Brothers, so both parties knew what the other could bring to the table. That's not to say the first time they worked together was a dud... in fact, that first film is still a favorite of Jeff Bridges' to this very day.

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