With a huge weekend at the box office, it's safe to call Doctor Strange a success at the box office. The film managed to be a great entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, complete with an outstanding score from MCU newcomer Michael Giacchino. While you've heard his music in plenty of places before his Strange debut, it has to be said that his entrance into the Marvel fold is quite spectacular, with several stand out tracks on the film's soundtrack.

In particular, there were eight cues from the score that have caught our ears, and haven't let go; and we're about to share those eight with you. Sadly, as much as we want to include Giacchino's new Marvel Studios Fanfare, it's not on the official soundtrack, so it's not on our official list. You'll just have to consult the parallel universe version of this list that does if you want to know our thoughts, but other than that, here's our favorite musical beats from Doctor Strange.

Ancient Sorcerer's Secret

It's important that a film's opening both convey the spirit of what's to come, as well as provide an intriguing anchor for the adventure ahead. "Ancient Sorcerer's Secret" is the sort of track that definitely does that, as Michael Giacchino weaves what we learn to be the Doctor Strange theme into a fast-paced piece that invokes both past glories of the composer's body of work, as well as a little bit of the influence of Phillip Glass. The beat at the 01:50 moment, in particular, sounds like something that could have come out of Koyaanisqatsi, and leads into the Strange theme's first statement.

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