One Popular Predator Rumor Just Got Shot Down


It's been a long time since a Predator movie has been critically well received by the masses, but Shane Black aims to fix that. The Iron Man 3 director (who also appeared in the first movie as Rick Hawkins) is helming a new Predator installment, titled The Predator, which was originally believed to be a reboot, but has since been confirmed to be a sequel. With principal photography approaching, character and plot details are slowly coming out, and last week, it was reported that the new movie would take place in a suburban setting. However, that particular bit information has since been debunked.

Shane Black confirmed to Collider that contrary to the news The Hollywood Reporter provided last Thursday, The Predator will not see the eponymous monster rampaging through a suburban neighborhood. So where will the story written by Black and Fred Dekker take place? That remains to be seen, but at least we can cross off the possibility of seeing the Predator cause chaos through swimming pools and backyard barbecues.

To be fair, had this rumored been true, it wouldn't have been the first time a Predator movie was set outside of a jungle, the setting of the original Predator and 2010's Predators. 1990'sPredator 2 was based in Los Angeles, and saw that alien menace battling military forces and drug cartel members. For now, Shane Black and the other creative minds involved haven't provided any clues about where The Predator will take place other than to set the record straight about this suburbia rumor. It's possible the new movie will revisit familiar territory, like a jungle or the streets of a major city, or perhaps it will take place in a new environment, like a desert or forest. However, even if we knew what the new setting will be right now, there's still the question of how the new players will come across the extraterrestrial beast.

While The Predator plot details are being kept under the proverbial lock and key, the movie's cast is slowly starting to come together. Guardians of the Galaxy's Benecio del Toro was originally in negotiations to star in The Predator, but he was forced to depart reportedly because of scheduling issues. Narcos actor Boyd Holbrook has since replaced him as the lead protagonist, a Special Forces operative named Quinn Mackenna, and X-Men: Apocalypse's Olivia Munn is in talks to play a scientist. Beyond that, Shane Black has said that he wants to keep the R-rated adventure firmly in sc-fi/thriller territory (with a little humor thrown in), while also taking steps to strengthen the franchise's "complicated" continuity.

The Predator is slated to hit theaters on February 9, 2018 (putting it in competition with Fifty Shades Freed), so keep checking in at CinemaBlend to read all the most relevant updates concerning the movie.

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