DC’s Harley Quinn And Birds Of Prey Movie Just Took A Huge Step Forward

Harley Quinn

There's absolutely no question that Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn stole the show when Suicide Squad hit theaters this summer. She perfectly adapted the fan-favorite character, and utterly inhabited everything that we have come to know and love about the former Harleen Quinzel. With that in mind, it came as no surprise when we learned that the character would soon take center stage for a solo movie of her very own. However, things have officially gotten much more interesting, as we have just learned that the Harley Quinn movie will feature the Birds of Prey, and it will be written by screenwriter, Christina Hodson.

A new report from Heroic Hollywood confirms that the Harley Quinn solo movie has finally found a screenwriter in the form of Christina Hodson. This news come fresh off of the announcement that Hodson will also pen the script for an upcoming Transformers spin-off centering on Bumblebee. Furthermore, we now have confirmation of the longstanding rumors that the Harley Quinn solo movie would see her face off against the Birds of Prey. That's an absolute avalanche of good news for the DCEU if you ask me.

Birds of Prey

For those of you who are new to the DC mythos, the Birds of Prey are an iconic trio of crime fighters typically comprised of Black Canary, Barbara Gordon (sometimes as Oracle, sometimes as Batgirl), and Huntress. Their inclusion on this Harley Quinn solo movie means that the female side of the DCEU is about to expand exponentially. Not only will the Gotham City side of the silver screen DC universe become considerably larger, but also the inclusion of Black Canary means that we may actually see a new version of Oliver Queen a.k.a Green Arrow on the big screen at some point in the near future. That's definitely something that Arrow fans would love to see.

Oddly enough, this actually isn't the first time that DC has attempted a live-action showdown between Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey. The short-lived (and generally reviled) Birds of Prey series from 2002-2003 similarly chronicled the battle between the trio of heroines and The Joker's beloved girlfriend. Let's just hope that this silver screen project pans out better than that series.

Above all else, we think the addition of Christina Hodson to this project is an incredibly smart step for DC. Much like the hiring of Patty Jenkins for the Wonder Woman solo movie, putting a female-specific touch on the Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey film is a major step towards getting the tone and style of the project right. Beyond that, Hodson clearly has a knack for thrilling action, as she has already been tapped for projects such as the aforementioned Transformers spin-off, as well as a reboot of The Fugitive. It's early, but she may already be the perfect choice for this film.

CinemaBlend will bring you any and all relevant details pertaining to the future of the Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey movie as more information becomes available to us. We still don't know much about the mysterious project, but our anticipation for the female-fronted superhero movie has officially reached sky-high levels.

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