Who runs the world? Girls. Sure, those might just be Beyoncé lyrics, but the words of Queen Bey will soon ring incredibly true for the greater DCEU, as it was recently announced that Margot Robbie will headline a Harley Quinn movie of her very own. Beyond that, the report also indicated that the film will be an entirely woman-centric affair, as the film will enlist some major, creative female talent behind the scenes, and introduce a huge ensemble of legendary, female DC characters. It sounds like Wonder Woman won't be an oddity in the near future, and we're so excited about that.

Ever since that news broke, we have eagerly theorized the various female DC characters that could pop up in the upcoming Harley Quinn solo movie, and we want to share those ideas with you. The following is a list of seven badass DC women we think definitely need to show up at some point in the film. Check out our list of entries, and let us know what you think! Now, let's kick this list off with a heroine that definitely should've already debuted in the DCEU.

Barbara Gordon

Many fans were incredibly disappointed to learn that Barbara Gordon would not appear in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but hope remains strong that she's out there somewhere in the DCEU. Although she could very easily debut in the upcoming solo Batman movie, the female-centric nature of the Harley Quinn solo movie would similarly offer a perfect opportunity to introduce Barbara as either Batgirl or Oracle -- we're specifically partial to the latter. Ms. Gordon would make a strong addition to the Harley Quinn film because her strategic, calculated, and generally level-headed decision-making abilities would nicely balance out the more erratic and chaotic nature of the film's titular villainess. Beyond that, Oracle has become an icon in the disabled community in the years since her debut, and it would simply be awesome to see that inspirational tale translated to the silver screen properly.

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