New Underworld Trailer Is So Dark, You Can’t See Kate Beckinsale Fighting Werewolves

The Underworld franchise has always offered serious, gritty, and violent supernatural action for everyone who isn't already satisfied with Resident Evil doing the same thing. This films continually up the ante, trying to top themselves by being even darker and cooler than the last, but this latest trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars may have taken that a bit too far. Try your best to watch this trailer. because your computer does not have a high enough brightness setting for it.

This latest trailer for Underworld: Blood Wars' biggest sin is perhaps in over-indulgement. This trailer feels like it reveals a lot of plot information. And I say feels because I can't actually see some of it. This trailer is dark! It makes aesthetic sense that these movies have the lights dimmed down -- a war between vampires and werewolves is serious business -- but this seems a bit ridiculous. I know that a lot of these scenes take place in medieval castles, but can no one light some candles or something? Effects in a trailer aren't always reflective of the final film, so we'll see if any tinkering will be done between now and its release.

To showcase just how dark some of these shots are, here's a screengrab from the trailer of what feels like an important fight between Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and a Lycan. Try and see if you can tell what's happening.

Underworld Blind Wars

What the trailer actually does show might be too much. It seems like the trailer reveals almost all of the major beats of the whole movie. The new leader of the Lycans, Marius, seeks to hunt down the ass-kicking vampire Selene and use her special blood to strengthen his werewolf forces and finally destroy their vampire enemies. Obviously, the vamps aren't sold on that option, so they send Selene away to a mysterious castle where she undergoes a mysterious transformation that grants her a host of new powers. Now, it's up to Selene and her allies to take down Marius once and for all.

Underworld: Blood Wars is directed by Anna Foerster with a screenplay penned by Cory Goodman. The film stars Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Charles Dance, Bradley James, and Tobias Menzies. The fifth movie in the Underworld series is set to hit cinemas next year on January 6, 2017. Only time will tell if you actually will be able to see it.

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