The Kong: Skull Island Trailer Is Primal And Harrowing, Watch It Now

The reign of Kong has begun once again! Kong: Skull Island is ready to not only revive the great ape that time forgot, but also tie him into a cinematic universe that will eventually pit him against Godzilla himself. For now though, we'll get to see the titular beast face off against a group of well armed, if not completely foolish, band of humans looking to settle a score. And you can see the latest look at the ensuing action, courtesy of the film's latest trailer, shown below.

Tonight's brand new look at Kong: Skull Island came from its debut on tonight's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, after some monkey shines transpired between Jimmy and guest Tom Hiddleston. The trailer starts out with some light humor, only to take a left turn into some dark and dangerous territory. I guess that's what happens when you bomb an island full of prehistoric monsters, but at the very least, island native John C. Reilly seems to have a good natured attitude about it all... when he's not trying to warn Hiddleston and company about monsters named "Skull Crawlers." While the name sounds silly, the monsters they're attached to don't look like anything to mess around with.

Acting as a prequel of sorts to what could be called Warner Bros.' "Monarch Cinematic Universe," Kong: Skull Island sets its story in the 1970s, after the initial expedition launched by Carl Denham in King Kong led to the capture and eventual death of the legendary beast in New York City. Presumably up against his son / nephew / relation of some sort, Captain Conrad's team of government officials and Army men will blaze yet another trail into the heart of the legendary island, in hopes of proving to the world that "monsters are real." With an all-star cast that includes Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Corey Hawkins and John Goodman, it looks like the gigantic tenants of Skull Island will have to compete with some equally huge talents.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of a very ambitious puzzle, Kong: Skull Island is not only looking to connect with its historic predecessor, it's also the key to a larger cinematic universe that sets two of the titans of cinematic monsterdom against each other. While most cinematic universes have an abundance of material to draw from, the Monarch Cinematic Universe has a relatively more limited pool to work from, as it uses only two pre-existing monster franchises at this moment. Much like Godzilla before it, Kong: Skull Island looks to take the monsters of yesterday and turn them into more modern, scarier versions of their previous selves.

Kong: Skull Island will shake the world on March 10, 2017.

Mike Reyes
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