Watch The Suicide Squad Cast Film That Chaotic Office Fight In Exclusive New Clip

Regardless of your opinion towards David Ayer's Suicide Squad, it's hard to argue against the fact that the film featured some pretty great action sequences. The Task Force X solo movie was chock full of strong fights, and there was an undeniably degree of technical wizardry present in the creation of these scenes. Now CinemaBlend has obtained an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the filming of Suicide Squad's badass office fight scene. Check it out below!

With the recent release of the Suicide Squad Extended Cut, Warner Bros. has just provided CinemaBlend with that exclusive glimpse at the filming of the movie's office sequence. You thought the fight scene itself was hectic? That was nothing. Filming the scene looked like an absolutely insane experience. Accompanied by interviews with the cast, the behind the scenes featurette shows how David Ayer needed to layer the different portions of the fight sequence in order to ensure continuity. Whenever he cut away to a different member of Task Force X, he needed to constantly be mindful and ensure that the actions of the other characters in the background remained consistent with what we had last seen them do. That's action filmmaking at its most complex.

One of the most interesting aspects of this sequence is the sheer amount of participation that the film's stars had in the actual stunts. Although performers like Margot Robbie definitely had stunt doubles on hand ready to take the harder hits, David Ayer allowed many of the film's principle performers to get in on the action and get thrown around the room like ragdolls.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Finally, one of the biggest takeaways from this behind the scenes glimpse at the office fight sequence from Suicide Squad is the overall blend of practical and CGI elements. The Eyes of the Adversary were an undeniably weird type of henchmen when they debuted in the recent DC film, and this featurette really shows just how much computer-generated imagery was used to capture their incredibly distinctive look. It seems that, during the filming of the sequence, they were simply men with painted faces; the gross, pulsating heads were added in later.

There's absolutely no doubt about it, the production of Suicide Squad looked like an absolute blast. We can only hope that future installments in the DCEU bring these levels of fun and energy to the silver screen DC universe. The Extended Cut of Suicide Squad is now available.

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