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A whole mess of new characters will be joining the Star Wars universe in a couple of weeks. However, there are by no means guarantees that all of them will survive the movie. Part of the reason teams like Rogue One exist in movies is so that the movie can get away with killing a few main characters. People will almost certainly die in the movie, that's how we know the stakes are high.

Who's likely to kick the bucket? We have no specific idea, but we can piece the evidence together as well as anybody. Here are the CinemaBlend odds on who is going to get left behind when the Death Star plans are grabbed.

Jyn Erso

Felicity Jones is the star of this show and as such, the odds of her dying during Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are fairly low. They're not non-existent, however. The most recent trailers have shown Jyn Erso has a woman who is deeply invested in the rebellion and things like hope. Quite often in films, these are the people that get killed as a way to inspire everybody else. The fact that there are apparently no plans to make sequels would increase the odds that Jyn could die, but we're still going to give this one long odds.

Odds of Dying: 100 to 1

Baze Malbus

Baze Malbus is a character that we don't really know much about, which usually spells doom in the death pool. Is Malbus the Slipknot in this Suicide Squad? While the odds of Baze putting himself, and his very large guns, on the line so that the rest of the team can escape is just sort of death scene that we could see here, we're going to go for the counter-programming idea and assume that because Baze Malbus looks like his days are numbered, it's actually an indication that he will survive.

Odds of Dying: 50 to 1

Cassian Andor

If Felicity Jones is our lead, then Diego Luna is out main supporting actor as Cassian Andor. We've seen him in the trailers volunteering to join Jyn Erso on her mission, and from what little we've seen, the two are going to become close over the course of the film. This is not a good sign for Cassian Andor. If Jyn Erso is likely to survive, then her best friend is significantly less likely to do so. Also, volunteering tends to get you killed in movies like this. We hope we're wrong on this one, but we're not sure Andor will make it back

Odds of Dying: 15 to 1

Chirrut Îmwe

The character played by Donnie Yen is the closest thing to a Jedi that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will have, outside of Darth Vader of course. He's a man who is apparently sensitive to the Force, although he is not a user himself. While that may give him an edge in avoiding death, we're not so sure it will pay off. It sounds like Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus join the team as a package deal and we really doubt they'll both make it out. We're going to guess that Îmwe is the one gets left behind, but we figure he'll go out in a blaze of glory.

Odds of Dying: 5 to 1


Figuring out the odds of death on a droid are just close to impossible. Even if he gets blown to kingdom come, that doesn't mean he can't be rebuilt and brought back to life, assuming that his memory is intact. From everything we've heard K-2SO, voiced by Alan Tudyk, will steal the film with his performance. Even if there had been plans to destroy him at some point, this sounds like the kind of character that we may see again if any future films deal with this time period. Low odds for this one.

Odds of Dying: 40 to 1

Saw Gerrera

Forest Whitaker's Saw Gerrera has the distinction of being the character with the most backstory. He was previously seen on the Clone Wars animated series. Since that series deals with a large part of the character's life, there's a lot less that Saw Gerrera needs to do here. This could set him up for death, but since we don't really know how much he'll be in harm's way, it may be a non-issue. We're guessing that Gerrera is mostly going to be a support character who will die in his bed at some point down the road.

Odds of Dying: 30 to 1

Bodhi Rook

The backstory we have on Riz Ahmed's character is that he's a former Imperial pilot who defected to the Rebellion. The odds of Bodhi dying basically hinges on one question: just how terrible was the stuff that he did while working for the Empire? If he did anything that would make his redemption require his death, then we could end up seeing that. However, if he was truly just a single pilot, we doubt it was that bad. Instead, he'll likely survive to make the Empire's continued existence hell.

Odds of Dying: 40 to 1

Galen Erso

Things are not looking good for Galen Erso. As one of the chief architects of the Death Star, who was, as far as we know, working against his will, bringing him in from the cold would be a major coup for the Rebellion. Not only would he know everything the Rebels needed to know about the Death Star, but he's potentially a source of all sort of Imperial knowledge. The fact that he's not the one giving the briefing on Yavin before the assault in Star Wars seems to be a strong indication that he's not going to survive the film.

Odds of Dying: 10 to 1

Orson Krennic

Orson Krennic is an important enough member of the Empire that he's trusted with overseeing the construction of the Death Star. He interacts directly with Darth Vader, the Emperor's right-hand man. So where the heck was this guy throughout the Original Trilogy? We're going to go with dead. There's a decent chance that he'll be killed during the Rebel assault on the compound where the plans are kept. If he's unlucky enough to survive, then he'll probably suffer the same fate as everybody else who upsets Lord Vader: he'll be Force-choked to death. There's an outside chance that he'll only get reassigned to some outer rim planet, but Vader doesn't usually work that way.

Odds of Dying: 5 to 1

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