Jurassic World Director Makes Joke About Film’s Biggest Mistake As Jurassic World 2 Approaches

While Jurassic World was an incredibly popular film that was also generally embraced by critics, there was one item in the film that lots of people just could get around. Bryce Dallas Howard was wearing the worst possible shoes for escaping dinosaurs. Luckily, the director of the original film, and the executive producer of the upcoming sequel, Colin Trevorrow, has got her covered for the new film. No need to go running around in high heels this time.

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The fact that Bryce Dallas Howard spends the entirety of Jurassic World in heels isn't really that big a deal at the beginning. She doesn't go to work that day expecting to have to escape rampaging monsters. However, after all hell does break loose, she spends the rest of the movie in the same heels even when traipsing through uneven ground and running from a Tyrannosaurus. The major issue is that the film never makes an issue out of it. It was only after the fact when the collective movie audience looked at the situation and thought "she must be some kind of superhero to be able to do all that in heels." It's about the only thing that Bryce Dallas Howard has been asked about regarding Jurassic World since the film came out.

While Colin Trevorrow is not directing Jurassic World 2 , that task is going to JA Bayona, he is still staying on board as an executive producer, and apparently he has decided that part of his job is to be sure that Bryce Dallas Howard remains more comfortable in the sequel. To that end, he's apparently reviewing different boot options on her behalf.

At this point, just about the only things we know for sure about Jurassic World 2 is that Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will be in it, and that Howard will not be in heels. Beyond that, we're pretty much in the dark. It would appear that the one thing that Colin Trevorrow's tweet is teasing, beyond comfortable shoes, is that the sequel will be going into production soon. With a planned release date of June 22, 2018, we would expect the movie to start filming sometime in the early part of 2017 so the timing works out.

Which pair of boots do you think Bryce Dallas Howard should wear in the next Jurassic World movie? Give us your vote in the comments below.

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