The Jurassic World Co-Star Who's Expected Back For Jurassic World 2

Jurassic World

Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World was an excellent mixture of nostalgia-service and authentic world building for future stories still to be told. Yes, the sequel brought audiences back to Isla Nublar (the site of the initial Jurassic Park disaster), but it also introduced new and important characters -- from Chris Pratt's Owen to Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire -- who are expected to bring the story forward in the soon-to-begin-filming sequel, Jurassic World 2.

And then there was BD Wong, a surprising but always welcome holdover from Steven Spielberg's original Jurassic Park who reprised his role of boundary-pushing geneticist Dr. Henry Wu in Colin Trevorrow's movie. Wu, it's revealed, is a driving force behind the hybrid dinosaurs found in Jurassic World, including the deadly Indominus Rex. And in a pivotal scene, we learn that Henry Wu had a partnership with Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio), the head of InGen security who'd love to weaponize dinos.

BD Wong Jurassic World

Before all of the shit hit the fan in Jurassic World, Wu was able to escape the island by helicopter, with precious dinosaur embryos in his possession. So when I had time with Jurassic World executive producer Frank Marshall recently, I asked him if BD Wong would be back for the sequel, Jurassic World 2. And he told me:

When they take off in helicopters, you know they're probably going to come back.

That sounds like a confirmation that Dr. Henry Wu and his embryos will continue to cause problems for Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), and humanity at large, when Jurassic World 2 reaches theaters in 2018. Which makes sense, because -- again, spoilers -- there weren't a lot of other villains left standing when Jurassic World concluded. Henry Wu's associate, Hoskins, met his maker courtesy of some hungry raptors. But I'm willing to bet that both Hoskins and Wu were working for someone much larger on the outside... someone who also has plans to weaponize the dinos that Wu can whip up in his lab. Maybe that's who Toby Jones has been hired to play?

Jurassic World

By potentially appearing in three Jurassic movies, I believe that will make BD Wong the first series actor to pull off parts in that many chapters of the ongoing story (unless J.A. Bayona finds time to add Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern or Sam Neill to his Jurassic World 2 before filming begins). We'll continue to track progress on the sequel as it develops. Jurassic World 2 opens in theaters on June 22, 2018.

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