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Although the human and alien characters tend to get most of the attention in the Star Wars universe, we can never forget the importance of the droids. Handy robotic helpers, these mechanical characters have a tendency to make themselves useful in the most dire situations. However, that doesn't mean all droids are alike. Alan Tudyk recently addressed possible comparisons between Rogue One's K-2SO and C-3PO, and he doesn't think the two droids would get along very well. He explained:

I don't think they would. Kaytoo is unflappable, and C-3PO was just flapping all over the place.

Alan Tudyk recently attended a panel to promote the upcoming release of _Rogue One: A Star Wars Story _(via EW), and he addressed possible comparisons between Kaytoo and C-3PO. Although both droids fill similar roles on their respective teams, Tudyk does not believe that they would get along at all. While C-3PO has become iconic for his cowardly nature, Kaytoo is far more confident and willing to engage in a fight if necessary. This is probably a good thing, considering the circumstances of Kaytoo's mission. Can you imagine C-3PO going on a suicide mission to steal the plans of the first Death Star? That wouldn't end well for anyone, except The Empire.

The footage that we have already seen from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story seems to corroborate Alan Tudyk's feelings about his character. Unlike C-3PO -- who regularly hid during fights -- Kaytoo has clearly shown himself capable of taking on several Imperial troopers at once, and he's even exhibited signs of clear animosity towards Felicity Jones' Jyn Erso. In layperson's terms: he's one badass droid.

Star Wars droids

Fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe have already picked up on these qualities, and it's become fairly clear where the inspiration for Kaytoo came from. Spoiler alert: it's not C-3PO. With regards to his skill for combat, as well as his somewhat cavalier attitude towards taking human life, Kaytoo clearly seems to have more in common with HK-47 from the Knights of the Old Republic video games than C-3PO. Regardless of whether that's intentional or not, for fans who grew up on those legendary games, that's an awesome prospect.

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