The Directorial Obstacle The New Spawn Movie Is Facing, According To Todd McFarlane


With every comic book and graphic novel under the sun getting adapted into Hollywood movie, it might finally be Spawn's turn for a second chance on the big screen. It's been a long time since the last film, and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has been hard at work developing a reboot that strikes closer to his source material. McFarlane has his heart set on directing the film, but he admits that that might be the biggest obstacle standing in the way of this movie.

I've been living with the idea for so long that I wanted to direct it, but I knew that if I gave it to Hollywood and they spent a lot of money on it then just from a practical point of view, it wouldn't be fair for me to then say 'I want to direct.' It's not good business to spend $80 million on movie and then give it to somebody who's not known for directing movies -- but if you can make a movie for $10 million, they'll get a lot of less experienced directors to do those movies.

Todd McFarlane spoke with ComicBook about the state of his new Spawn film. McFarlane admitted that progress is slow, and negotiating with studios aren't going to make it move any faster. McFarlane has long had the idea that he would really like to direct that film. However, he realizes that studios aren't going to take a $100 million gamble on a first-time director. It's one thing to have an indie or two under your belt, but Spawn would be McFarlane's first time in the chair. Luckily, he thinks he's got a way to work around that.

The director went on to say in the interview that he is not making the new Spawn for the superhero audience; it's for horror fans. The movie will be an R-rated horror film, with Spawn serving as a sort of specter in the background, as opposed the rubber suited beat 'em up of the 1998 film. The talented comic book artist/writer is currently working out the financials of making the movie on a low budget, perhaps $10 million. Studios make successful horror films on minuscule budgets all the time, and it's certainly an easier pill to swallow than a big budget superhero movie.

Spawn depicts the story of Al Simmons, a soldier/assassin who is murdered and then transformed into Spawn, a supernatural meant to lead hell's army against heaven. Spawn is an anti-hero who brutalizes the guilty and was created in 1992. He fights all manner of demons, angels, and monsters, but his new movie may take a more subtle approach and focus on his supernatural aspects in order to really scare some people.

Matt Wood

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