Deadpool 2: One Thing T.J. Miller Wants Weasel To Do In The Sequel

There's been a shakeup behind the scenes on Deadpool 2. Original director Tim Miller isn't returning, having been replaced by John Wick co-director David Leitch. The bulk of the main cast should return, though Deadpool scene-stealer T.J. Miller just told us of one change that he really hopes to see in Deadpool 2. He told us:

I have been talking with Ryan Reynolds and the writers, and they're really excited about [Deadpool 2]. I think, for me, I just want Weasel to wield a gun, at one point. But there's more fun stuff coming.

In Deadpool, Weasel worked at Sister Margaret's School For Wayward Children, the grimy watering hole where Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and the rest of the vicious mercenaries spent time between gigs. But Weasel spent the bulk of his time behind the bar, and never really got in on the action. That's not the case in the comics, where Weasel often worked as an in formant and an arms dealer who helped Deadpool on his various missions. He's not a complete and total badass. But he has been known to wield a weapon from time to time, and T.J. Miller -- who was speaking with our own Greg Wakeman on behalf of Office Christmas Party -- really hopes that Weasel gets to pop a cap in Deadpool 2.

T.J. Miller

Here's why I think he has a very good chance of seeing his on-screen dream come true. Did you see John Wick? Deadpool 2 director David Leitch LOVES the sight of people wielding guns. Even people who don't need guns had guns in John Wick. Coupled with the fact that the first Deadpool had plenty of its own exaggerated gun play, I think it's safe to say that Weasel has a very good chance of packing heat in Deadpool 2.

What we don't yet know -- and what T.J. Miller doesn't know, because we asked him -- is when Deadpool 2 might open. Miller suggested that production on the highly anticipated sequel likely will be pushed back because of the change at director. And while Deadpool 2 has been confirmed, Fox hasn't given it an official release date, and there are key roles that still need to be cast. There have been strong rumors suggesting that Cable and Domino will be part of Deadpool 2, but we've only heard rumored names, and no official castings. Once we know more about Deadpool 2, we will bring you the information. And if Weasel wields a gun in the sequel, T.J. Miller can send us a thank you note.

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