"You want to know, don't you? Why they keep coming here?" Beyond the fact that they earn vaults filled with money for Paramount Pictures, you mean?

The first full trailer for Michael Bay's fifth Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, dropped during Monday Night Football this evening, and it was steeped in the franchise's history, as well as our planet's history... OK, our galaxy's history. It started to fill in the narrative gaps that we have had regarding The Last Knight as Bay worked through production. And it showed off some of the majestic creations from ILM, who routinely push the envelope every time Bay and his crew want to bring the Autobots back to life on the biggest screens possible.

So, as Michael Bay planted explosives near the Knights of the Round Table and some World War II-era Nazis, here are the images that caught our eye after watching this trailer over and over. What stood out to you?

Historical Dinobots

This unique breed of Transformer was introduced back in Transformers: Age of Extinction, but the first trailer for The Last Knight shows that the cyber-dino warriors prowled the skies over Scotland at the time of Lancelot and Merlin. Great touch, having the wings of this three-headed monster touch the water as it flies near the emerald mountain tops in this majestic opening frame.

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