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How Transformers: The Last Knight Will Explore The Robots' Origins


In the midst of dealing with present day events, the Transformers movies have occasionally taken detours to explore the robots in disguise's past. This ranges from Optimus Prime explaining in the first movie how Cybertron fell to how the Transformers have affected crucial moments on Earth. Next year, Transformers: The Last Knight will delve even further into the mythology, as the blockbuster will explain how these beings were created.

Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura noted to Collider that Transformers: The Last Knight will touch on many elements from the Transformers' beginnings on Cybertron, including seeing some important characters long before they became the legends they are now. Bonaventura explained:

[The movie will explore how the mythology of how the Transformers] were created, where did it start, where did they go from being a sort of a slave-race to a sentient race--we're delving into that aspect of the mythology, so the characters that are involved in there are Megatron before he's Megatron, Optimus before he's Optimus, the Librarian, the Quintessons, there's a whole group of things that have to do with how, in a sense, the Transformers were birthed, and also with how they were divided. What brought up the division, and what were the jealousies involved.

While Optimus Prime and Megatron are names even the most casual moviegoer will recognize, The Last Knight, the fifth movie in the Transformers series, is taking the plunge and explaining to audiences what they and the other giant robots were like in their infancy, how they became so powerful and what led to them wanting to tear each other apart, thus creating the Autobot and Decepticon factions. Is it too much to hope that Optimus Prime and Megatron used to be buddies who grabbed cyber-beers after work together? Anyway, that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, it sounds like there will be plenty of other deep cuts. For instance, the Quintessons are a sinister alien race that has been tied to the Transformers for thousands of years. Whether we actually see them or not in The Last Knight remains to be seen, but if Bonaventura was willing to mention them, it suggest they'll be integral players in the franchise's future.

Given that Transformers: The Last Knight will follow the robots and human characters in another present-day adventure, as well as look back to medieval times and World War II, it will be quite a feat making all these plots tie into one another. Still, with Paramount keen on turning Transformers from a simple series to a full-blown cinematic universe, it's no surprise they're eager to pull the curtain back on this expansive mythology. There is also an animated Transformers movie in the works that will be an origin story focused on Cybertron, so one would imagine that some of these threads from the past that are touched on in The Last Knight might tie back into the animated movie.

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters on June 23, 2017.

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