How Amy Schumer Feels About The Barbie Backlash

Recently it was revealed that comedian Amy Schumer was in talks to play the title role in a new live-action Barbie film. The internet response was, unfortunately, predictable. Schumer, however, has now responded to her "critics" in an equally predictable way. She's completely shutting down the people who are being critical of her casting. The only time she gives them is however long it took her to compose a social media post.

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The same people who have a problem with Amy Schumer being cast to play Barbie probably have a problem seeing her in a swimsuit, and so that's exactly what the comic gives them. It's got a certain beauty to it. Along with the image, Schumer's Instagram post thanks everybody, both her supporters and the trolls who have come after her. The former are thanked for their support, the latter for proving that she is a "great choice" to play Barbie. Basically, if people are responding to her casting so negatively simply because of the way she looks, it's proof that somebody like Amy Schumer is exactly who we need to play Barbie in order to get over those preconceptions.

Whatever you think of Amy Schumer as an actress or comedian, based on the plot synopsis we've heard about the project, she absolutely does seem like the perfect choice to play the part. The movie will follow Schumer's Barbie who doesn't fit in with the rest of the residents of Barbieland because she doesn't act the way the other people do. Barbie looks to be a PG family film about accepting yourself and loving your imperfections. It's the fact that Schumer doesn't look like the ridiculously proportioned doll that has made her the front-runner for the role.

In the end, it looks like Amy Schumer will be the one having the last laugh. When contract talks like this come out it's usually because the deal is all but done. Even if things end up changing and Schumer doesn't take the role, it will likely still end up going to somebody who doesn't match the traditional Barbie look, and Schumer will go on to make some other movie that will make $100 million at the box office. She has a shot at winning a couple of Grammys that will probably look nice on her shelf next to her Emmy. Amy Schumer will be fine. She doesn't get nearly as upset about who she is as other people apparently do.

While the haters are the people getting the attention, lots of other people have been incredibly supportive of Amy Schumer. Several of them are commenting on Schumer's Instagram post with words of encouragement.

We'll be keeping our eyes on the live-action Barbie project to see where it goes. It certainly is an interesting idea for a film. Stay tuned for more details as the project moves forward.

Dirk Libbey
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