Whether you loved it or hated it, there's no question that David Ayer's Suicide Squad made a huge impression when it debuted in August. The Task Force X solo team-up movie garnered a highly respectable $746 million at the box office and widespread praise from fans, but it was also critically panned. Now it seems that the people have spoken, as a Suicide Squad sequel is officially in development for the DCEU.

With that in mind, we have taken it upon ourselves to go over some of Suicide Squad's more notable flaws, and offer up some solutions. We have compiled a list of ways in which Suicide Squad 2 can actually improve upon the original. Some of these ideas are rooted in story, while others are rooted in character, but all of them will make for a fundamentally better film. Now, let's get the ball rolling by dropping one of the first film's weakest heroes.

Ditch Rick Flag

Out of all the characters in Suicide Squad, arguably the least likeable member of the core ensemble was the one we were supposed to identify with the most. Against a backdrop of colorful characters, Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flag proved to be arguably more flat and bland than any comic book movie character in recent memory. The love-struck, chicken-eating soldier did little more than talk like he was doing his best impression of Tom Hardy in The Revenant, and his presence during the mission (coupled with the presence of an entire team of Navy SEALs) genuinely detracted from the clandestine nature of Task Force X's mission. Let Deadshot take control in Suicide Squad 2, and give Flag a much-needed vacation. After all, he golfs with a 3 handicap.

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