Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's Movie Has An Official Title and First Stills

We've been excited ever since we heard that Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn were going to be starring in a comedy together. Now, we're even more excited because we have our first look and we actually know what to call it.The first still image of the new film has been released, along with a title, the movie will be called Snatched.

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We recently learned that the movie will follow Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer as a mother and daughter pair. Hawn will play a recently divorced woman who is taken on a vacation to the Amazon by her daughter. Something goes very wrong on the trip and the two need to trek to an American embassy in order to get home.

The first image put out by the Snatched Twitter account shows the mother and daughter out on a deck of what's likely either a hotel or a cruise ship. They're having a lovely time smiling and laughing, even if the clothing of the two can't seem to indicate what the actual weather is like where they are. The second image is clearly from after everything goes to hell. Schumer looks terrified on a pay phone on a street in a place that is obviously not English speaking.

The title of the new movie, Snatched, may also give us something of an indication of the plot of the movie. Previously it's only been said that something on the vacation goes wrong. The title makes it sound like perhaps the two are actually kidnapped or otherwise taken from their vacation, as opposed to the inciting incident being some sort of random accident.

Coming off the success of Trainwreck, Amy Schumer has been as big a name on the big screen as she has previously been on the small one. The combination of Schumer with the incomparable Goldie Hawn, one of the most successful film comedians of all time is the most perfect pairing we can conceive of. Goldie Hawn had to have been a major influence on Schumer, their styles of comedy certainly show some similarities. We can't wait to see what these two can do together.

Clearly, Snatched is going to focus on bringing women into theaters. The film deals with the adventures of a mother and daughter pair and is set to open on Mother's Day weekend in 2017. If the movie is able to make itself an event, and draw lots of mothers and daughters into the theater it could build itself a huge opening weekend. Now that the movie has a title it can actually begin marketing itself to all those mothers and daughters so they can start to make their Mother's day plans.

Are you going to take mom to see Snatched next Mother's Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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