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The Batman v Superman VFX Reel Shows Incredible Details On The Film’s Best Effects

The magic of today's visual effects is that you often never know it's actually there. The truth is that some of the action sequences in the biggest movies of the year existed only in a computer screen. Take, for example, a wide variety of sequences in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

As a filmmaker, Zack Snyder has never shied away from the advantages of the digital realm, and this new reel from Scanline VFX demonstrates that he made heavy use of CGI artistry to construct his fourth venture into comic book moviemaking. The video begins with a long breakdown of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's main Batmobile chase, but goes far beyond it as well.

Of course, the most interesting bits within this video are the parts where practical sets and set-ups are matched with VFX work. Take, for example, the flood victims who are standing on the roofs of their houses waiting for Superman to rescue them:

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

That being said, it's also really incredible when these artists can take a sequence that looks entirely real, and then reveal that it's all just make-believe. Like when they create a half of a city that doesn't exist:

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

The reality is that VFX artists and the advances in the craft are the reasons why superhero movies like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice can exist and be so popular today: because filmmakers truly have the ability to make the impossible possible. Even when the finished products don't turn out so great on the whole, the hard work of the filmmakers who brought it all to life can and should still be appreciated.

Of course, a big part of the reason why we're seeing this VFX reel pop online is because we're now in the heart of awards season, and this is pretty much one of the only areas where Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice can compete. Of course, Best Visual Effects categories are typically where all big blockbusters have the chance to sweep up awards, so there will be plenty of competition.

We'll learn more about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's awards possibilities in the coming weeks, and the film is now available to purchase on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download.

Eric Eisenberg
Eric Eisenberg

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