Now that Batman and Superman have properly met on the silver screen, the biggest superhero team-up that fans want to see is one between Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. Although it now looks like Wade Wilson won't actually have a cameo in Logan (contrary to recent rumors), that doesn't mean that these two hard-to-kill badasses won't meet each other at some point. In fact, THR's Borys Kit recently took to Twitter to reveal that -- while Deadpool won't show up during the events of Logan -- there's the distinct possibility that these two X-Men icons will meet up on the big screen in another project.

That announcement should definitely have you excited -- even if it's a bit vague. To help make sense of the rumors, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of ways in which Deadpool and Wolverine could realistically come together in the X-Men universe. Some of these involve the characters battling one another, while others involve them actually teaming up, but they're all insanely cool ideas that fans would love to see. Without any further delay, let's kick this list off with (arguably) the easiest method of bringing these two together.

Wolverine Cameos In Deadpool 2

At this point a Wolverine cameo in Deadpool 2 seems like the easiest and most straightforward way for The Merc With The Mouth to interact with our favorite clawed anti-hero. Hugh Jackman has made his desire to officially retire from the role of Wolverine incredibly clear over the course of the last year, so a cameo in the Deadpool sequel could allow him to honor that decision while still giving fans what they want. The original Deadpool already made numerous references to Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, so the groundwork has been laid for a quick appearance. As long as they don't show the "ball fondle" referenced in Deadpool's opening scene, we will be fine with a simple cameo.

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