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How Deadpool And Wolverine Could Team Up On The Big Screen

Now that Batman and Superman have properly met on the silver screen, the biggest superhero team-up that fans want to see is one between Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool. Although it now looks like Wade Wilson won't actually have a cameo in Logan (contrary to recent rumors), that doesn't mean that these two hard-to-kill badasses won't meet each other at some point. In fact, THR's Borys Kit recently took to Twitter to reveal that -- while Deadpool won't show up during the events of Logan -- there's the distinct possibility that these two X-Men icons will meet up on the big screen in another project.

That announcement should definitely have you excited -- even if it's a bit vague. To help make sense of the rumors, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of ways in which Deadpool and Wolverine could realistically come together in the X-Men universe. Some of these involve the characters battling one another, while others involve them actually teaming up, but they're all insanely cool ideas that fans would love to see. Without any further delay, let's kick this list off with (arguably) the easiest method of bringing these two together.

Wolverine Deadpool 2

Wolverine Cameos In Deadpool 2

At this point a Wolverine cameo in Deadpool 2 seems like the easiest and most straightforward way for The Merc With The Mouth to interact with our favorite clawed anti-hero. Hugh Jackman has made his desire to officially retire from the role of Wolverine incredibly clear over the course of the last year, so a cameo in the Deadpool sequel could allow him to honor that decision while still giving fans what they want. The original Deadpool already made numerous references to Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, so the groundwork has been laid for a quick appearance. As long as they don't show the "ball fondle" referenced in Deadpool's opening scene, we will be fine with a simple cameo.

Wolverine Deadpool X Force

They Team-Up In An X-Force Movie

Although it's beginning to look like 20th Century Fox wants to give the actual X-Men team a break for the foreseeable future -- they don't currently have a traditional X-Men movie slated for release -- an X-Force movie is entirely plausible. A darker and more aggressive team of mutants, the X-Force is a violent ensemble of anti-heroes that includes Wolverine, X-23, Psylocke, Deadpool, and Cable -- all of whom are willing to kill to get the job done. Most of the recent movies have already done the necessary legwork to introduce this team of characters in the near future, so an X-Force movie seems like a perfect opportunity to properly introduce the relationship between Wade Wilson and Logan in a logical and kick-ass way.

Weapon X Wolverine Deadpool

They Make Another Weapon X Movie

Weapon X is an aspect of the X-Men lore that has been addressed on the silver screen numerous times over the years, but it still hasn't received a proper adaptation yet. The closest we ever came to a genuine Weapon X storyline was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and we all know how that turned out. In the comics, Wolverine and Deadpool are both products of the military research project, and their shared background has bonded them in several storylines over the years. Deadpool never specifically denied that Ajax's workshop had any connection to Weapon X, so it's still within the realm of possibility that a future X-Men movie could potentially explore Logan and Wade Wilson's mutual connection to this shady organization.

Wolverine Deadpool New Mutants

They Fight Each Other In The New Mutants

Although Deadpool has become a loveable anti-hero in recent years, his debut appearance in the New Mutants lore gave him a far more villainous persona. With a New Mutants movie set to debut within the next few years, there is no better time to give the character a more sinister role and send him up against the team of young X-Men. The story could frame Hugh Jackman's Logan as a side character (and mentor to the young team) who steps in to defend them when The Merc With The Mouth comes looking for blood. Admit it, you already know that the idea of watching these two characters hack pieces away from each other (and quickly regenerate) is a tantalizing prospect.

Wolverine Deadpool

They Make Their Own Team-Up Movie

The entire "buddy movie" genre is predicated on the idea of putting two diametrically opposed characters together and seeing how it pans out. We've seen Riggs and Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon, and we've seen Lee and Carter in the Rush Hour series; now we think it's time to give Wade Wilson and Logan the same treatment. Between Wolverine's gruff exterior and Deadpool's wisecracking persona, there are endless possibilities for story when we put this mismatched duo together and watch the sparks fly. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have proven that they have impeccable chemistry in real life, so it makes plenty of sense to produce a movie that capitalizes on their dynamic.

How do you think Wolverine and Deadpool should meet in the X-Men universe? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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