First Glimpse At Bryan Cranston's Zordon In Power Rangers

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If you've been paying any attention to the world of TV and film, you'll notice that nostalgia is the trend of the day. As 80's and 90's kids grow further into their adulthood, they long for the simpler times; and the simpler times have the ability to make a ton of money. Netflix has been cashing in on this trend through reboots like Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Fuller House, but Lionsgate's upcoming Power Rangers movie is taking things to another level. Bringing the campy 90's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' characters and settings to the silver screen through a serious action movie, it's clear that there's a whole new Angel Grove.

One of the biggest mysteries around Power Rangers has been Bryan Cranston's Zordon. Luckily for us, we just got our first sneak peek of Cranston as the iconic floating head. Check it out.

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This first image comes to us from Las Vegas, where the Power Rangers VR experience is debuting tomorrow. While footage and images from the upcoming blockbuster have been mostly kept under wraps, the VR experience will feature closer looks at many of the iconic aspect so the franchise. We'll see Zordon and his command center, Alpha 5, the Zords, and so on. Since the first trailer for Power Rangers didn't show much of the heroes or action, this is a major moment for all of those fans who have been anticipating the upcoming movie.

Bryan Cranston's involvement gives Power Rangers a level of credibility. While the titular teenagers with attitude are unknowns, the supporting cast is made up of some heavy hitters. In addition to Bryan Cranston's Zordon, Elizabeth Banks will be playing the villainous Rita Repulsa. Banks' version of the character is already vastly different from the source material, and she appears to be much more hands on than the villain in Mighty Morphin. Additionally, Saturday Night Live alumnus Bill Hader will be voicing the role of Alpha 5, Zordon's assistant and the Power Rangers' ally. In the original series, Alpha served as one of the main comic reliefs of the show, so having a man as funny as Hader in the cast makes perfect sense.

It's still unclear exactly what Zordon will look like in Power Rangers. The original series saw the character as a giant floating head, capsulated inside a tube. But the version seen in the above image shows a face which seems to be reflected from a wall. We don't yet know if the entity is physically present within said wall, or if it is a remote communication from another location. Regardless, Walter White is going to be instructing and guiding the new team of heroes.

Power Rangers is flying into theaters on March 24th, 2017.

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