Shane Black’s The Predator Has An Amazing Cast, Here’s Who’s Involved

While 1987's Predator remains a classic in the realm of science fiction/horror, the following two movies centering on the eponymous monster (four if you count those battles with the Alien) haven't been as positively received. The last entry in the series was 2010's Predators, and next year, director Shane Black (who appeared in the first movie) is hoping to freshen up the series with The Predator. Now the project has accumulated enough notable actors, we've gathered them together in one spot so you can see what kind of talent The Predator will be showing off.

Boyd Holbrook

First up is Boyd Holbrook. After Benecio del Toro departed from The Predator due to scheduling issues, Holbrook was brought in to replace him as the main protagonist, who will be a Special Forces Commando. Holbrook is best known for Steve Murphy in Narcos, and has also appeared in Gone Girl, A Walk Among the Tombstones and Jane Got a Gun. He'll next be seen as Donald Pierce in Logan, the third Wolverine movie.

Olivia Munn

Next up is Olivia Munn, who will play a scientist. Known to many from TV for Attack of the Show and as Sloan Sabbith on The Newsroom, Munn's credits also include Magic Mike, X-Men: Apocalypse, Ride Along 2 and Office Christmas Party.

Trevante Rhodes

Third on the list is Trevante Rhodes, who has been cast as an ex-marine and best friend of Boyd Holbrook's character. Rhodes rose to prominence last year for his performance as the adult Chiron in Moonlight, and he also appeared in the Westworld pilot.

Keegan-Michael Key

Finally, THR announced today that Keegan-Michael Key has boarded The Predator as a man who will team up with Holbrook and Rhodes' characters to fight the monster. Key is best known as his comedy work, which includes MADtv, Key & Peele and Keanu. So even though The Predator will be a full-blown action fest, surely Key will be able to use his comedic talents in some way.

Along with the above four actors and Shane Black as director, Larry Fong has been hired as The Predator's cinematographer. No plot details have been revealed yet, although Shane Black has confirmed that contrary to one report, the movie will not see the monster wreaking havoc in the suburbs. With The Predator's principal photography reportedly beginning next month, you can be sure more actors will be announced soon.

The Predator hits theaters on March 2, 2018.

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