The Big Question Doctor Strange Will Help Solve In Thor: Ragnarok

Doctor Strange

At the end of Doctor Strange, we learned that the fledgling sorcerer will play some sort of a role in Thor: Ragnarok. Now Tom Hiddleston has given us a hint as to exactly what his role will be. Following his Golden Globe win for The Night Manager, the man who plays Loki was surprisingly candid regarding the part that Benedict Cumberbatch's character would play the next time we see him.

Doctor Strange has intensely cerebral time-bending powers. At the end of Thor: The Dark World, Loki's on the throne...what happened to Odin? So, maybe Doctor Strange has to help out with that particular conundrum.

At the end of Thor: The Dark World we see Loki impersonating Odin on the throne of Asgard. It seemed fairly clear to most of us at the time that Loki had his father removed, one way or another. However, the more we learn about Thor: Ragnarok the less we seem to know about this particular fact.

Many assumed that Loki took his father out completely, there was little love left for the man, to be sure. However, we know that Anthony Hopkins will be reprising his role as Odin once again. The post-credits sequence from Doctor Strange showed us that Thor and Loki are traveling together on a quest to find Odin, which means that Loki has no idea where he is. Needless to say, it seems usual that the usurper as no idea what happened to the ruler he supplanted.

It was clear from the Doctor Strange seen that Thor was looking for Doctor Strange's help in finding Odin, but rather than it being help finding out where he is now, it seems, based on Tom Hiddleston's comments to MTV, that we may actually go back in time and see what happened to Odin at the end of Thor: The Dark World. Check out his full comments below.

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If we take Tom Hiddleston's comments at face value it would seem that the idea here is that Doctor Strange will use the Time Stone to look back into the past and see exactly what transpired that led to Odin disappearing and Loki taking over. Perhaps Loki only took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself when Odin vanished. The reason is almost certainly related to the main plot of the new film and the new villains that we'll be meeting played by Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum.

Recent rumors have indicated that Stephen Strange will have a more significant role in Thor: Ragnarok than previously believed. If true, it would appear that while Strange may start by offering this assistance to Thor, much more will follow based on what they learn.

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