The following contains MASSIVE spoilers for Doctor Strange. You have been warned.

Another chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is behind us, but it's left us with several new questions to ask. Specifically, we're wondering how the newest film will impact the one coming out a year from now, Thor: Ragnarok. The mid-credits sequence of the newest film brought the newest member of the sanctum in contact with the god of thunder, Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

While some hints had already been dropped that these two would cross paths, seeing them together creates more questions than answers. Naturally. Here are just a few.

Is This A Scene From Thor: Ragnarok?

Generally, the post-credits scenes in Marvel's films are shot specifically for the movie they're attached to, as a way to tease the future. However, when Ant-Man came out last year, they did something different. They included an actual scene from Captain America: Civil War as their teaser. We can't help but wonder which type of scene we're seeing here. If this is a Doctor Strange exclusive clip, then it would imply that Thor: Ragnarok will pick up after this scene takes place. We'd tend to think this is part of a larger actual scene from Ragnarok, however, because otherwise, we seem to be skipping over several questions that we still need answers to. Such as....

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