See What’s Shown In The Final Shot Of The New Logan Trailer, Thanks To Hugh Jackman

The clock is ticking down on Hugh Jackman's final performance as Wolverine (unless of course Ryan Reynolds can convince him to do some kind of Wolverine/Deadpool team-up). Logan is two months away, and since the first trailer was released in October, that means we're just about due for a new preview. While the next Logan trailer's release date hasn't been revealed yet, Jackman did fans a solid by showing what the final frame will be.

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The next Logan trailer is comprised of 1974 frames, and as you can see above, the final one shows Wolverine in a car with Laura (better known in the comics as X-23), the child he'll take under his wing during the movie. Their attire, most noticeably Laura's sunglasses, are the same as in the shot from the last trailer where Wolverine is seen holding a shovel and wearing a bloodied shirt; he's presumably just finished burying someone. It's unclear whether the above shot takes before or after that event, but at least we know that the two clawed mutants will be together when the trailer concludes.

Late last month, the next Logan trailer was rumored to be released in mid-January, i.e. sometime next week. That hasn't been confirmed, but a few days later, 20th Century Fox launched the 1974FramesOfLogan website, where fans could sign up to receive a custom, limited-edition postcard featuring one of the frames from the new trailer. Now that Hugh Jackman has shared one of these shots on his Twitter page, hopefully that means the new trailer is indeed arriving soon.

Hugh Jackman wasn't the only one who gave fans a sneak peek of the new Logan trailer. Director James Mangold took it upon himself to post the preview's first frame. It's not as interesting as seeing Wolverine and Laura together, but at least we know the opening setting will be the familiar desert area.

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Taking place in the near future, Logan is set in a bleak world where the mutant population has significantly decreased, and many of the few still alive have been kidnapped by a mysterious organization called Transigen. At this point, the weary Wolverine is living out on the Mexican border to care for the ailing Professor Charles Xavier, desperate to stay hidden. However, when Laura arrives in his life being pursued by "dark forces" (specifically Transigen's Donald Pierce), Wolverine will need to pop the claws again to protect her from these sinister figures.

Logan slashes it way into theaters on March 3, and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news about the movie, including when the next trailer is posted.

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