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It has been almost two decades since Hugh Jackman first slashed his way into the X-Men universe (and our hearts) as Wolverine, and the character has been through an extensive variety of ups and downs. He is one of the most traditional aspects of the comic book movie genre, and we will see the end of an era when he finally steps down from the role that made him a household name when Logan debuts in theaters later this year. Early glimpses of the film promise a raw, visceral X-Men adventure, and a newly released snippet from the movie's soundtrack is intense and utterly chilling. Listen to it yourself below.

One of the first things you will notice when listening to the track embedded in James Mangold's tweet is the fact that there's an underlying eeriness to Logan's soundtrack. The film is leaning headfirst into its R-rating, and the mature themes are sold through the creepy soundtrack. The film does not feature the sort of grand, sweeping score that one would expect to find in a Batman or Captain America movie. Instead, it relies on much more understated sound quality that helps hammer home the intimate nature of the film.

Despite Wolverine's long superhero legacy, he has never really received proper musical accompaniment. Christopher Nolan's Batman has Hans Zimmer's grand orchestral pieces and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man has Danny Elfman's cartoonish melodies, but Wolverine does not have a set theme to score his hacking and slashing. If the rest of Logan's soundtrack sounds this good, then we may be able to rest easy knowing that Hugh Jackman's fan-favorite mutant finally has a proper theme.

Oddly enough, some members of the online community seem to think that Logan's score takes a certain degree of inspiration from elsewhere in the silver screen X-Men mythos. In fact, they have picked out one track from Bryan Singer's original X-Men movie and pointed out the vast similarities between the tracks. Check it out below and make the comparison for yourself:

What do you think? Do they sound similar?

CinemaBlend will bring you more updates related to Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine as new details are made available to us. Logan will hit theaters later this year on March 3, 2017. Stay tuned for more information!

Check out the official trailer for Logan on the next page for a glimpse at the iconic X-Man's final adventure on the big screen!

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