See Batman's Justice League Cowl, Which Gives The Dark Knight His Angry Eyes

While superheroes seem to currently be everywhere, there are certain comic book characters who are in a tier all their own. On the DC comics side of things, it's all about the holy trinity: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. And while the Man of Steel might be the biggest icon for the company, Batman is probably the most adored. It's because of this that every detail regarding Ben Affleck's Batman in both Justice League and the untitled solo Batman movie is dissected by the community; they just can't get enough of the Dark Knight. Luckily for the fandom, we can now get a closer look at Batman's signature cowl in Justice League, and it looks awesome.

Batman-News has recently posted an image on their Twitter which is sure to set Batman fans into a frenzy. It's a 3-d rendering of Ben Affleck's cowl for Justice League, and it shows more details than we'll probably be able to make out once its in the film. Check it out.

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The Caped Crusader looks pretty pissed, which is exactly how the fans likes him. While it seems like Batman may have turned over a new leaf in the wake of Batman v Superman, his mask is telling another story. Hey, it's meant to scare the crap out of criminals. And in that case, it's looking good.

Batman's new mask looks seriously pissed off. While adding the color of the mask will likely wash out the details of the cowl's carvings, the 3-D model shows off the more intimate details. You can see how Batman's grimace is actually built into the cowl itself, making the Bats look permanently pissed off. It actually looks quite different from Batfleck's cowl in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, despite the character itself being far more angry than we'll likely see him in Justice League. For comparison, take a gander at Ben Affleck's first adventure as Batman.

ben affleck in batman v superman

Granted, the above still is a moment where Batman is genuinely surprised. As seen in the trailers from Batman v Superman, this scene toward the end of the film is when Superman and Batman are having an exchange about Wonder Woman's origin during the battle with Doomsday. Batman is already much more relaxed and less vengeful at this point, so it's possible that the costume designer switched out the cowl from a formerly angry one.

The next time we'll see Ben Affleck's Batman will be in the upcoming Zack Snyder superhero flick Justice League. Following the events of Dawn of Justice, Batman and Wonder Woman will attempt to assemble Earth's strongest protectors and unite them against a threat to the planet. The film will fly into theaters on November 17th, 2017.

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