Thrilling Power Rangers Trailer Shows Off Zordon, Alpha 5 And Lots Of Action

Red Ranger

The first trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers reboot seemed to stop right as things were getting really interesting. The Rangers -- in a set up that was eerily similar to Chronicle -- discovered a buried artifact that was about to give them enhanced powers. The Red Ranger was about to get his suit... then, it cut off. Fans were being teased for the full trailer, which just dropped, and delivers all of the action they have been waiting for. Dig into this solid Power Rangers trailer:

So far, this is very much an origin story for the five new characters that will become the latest incarnation of the Power Rangers, pop-culture warriors that date back to 1993, when Haim Saban brought them to life on Saturday morning television. As with everything from our past, the Power Rangers are getting a modern upgrade, with some A-list help, and plenty of high-powered special effects (even if the hook of the original show is that it was winkingly cheesy, and it embraced its made-for-TV roots).

The emphasis of this new trailer remains on the Rangers, themselves: Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger); Naomi Scott (Pink Ranger); RJ Cyler (Blue Ranger); Becky G (Yellow Ranger); and Ludi Lin (Black Ranger). We see them as high school outcasts, and we watch them bond as a team when they find the hidden coins that turn them into the Power Rangers for the first time. As they continue to explore their powers, though, they finally meet their mentor, Zordon (voiced by Bryan Cranston), and also encounter his robotic assistant, Alpha 5 (voiced by SNL vet Bill Hader):


The second half of this new trailer ramps up the action, and we finally get to see the Power Rangers in their full suits, taking on the known villain of this franchise reboot, Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks). The myth of the series explains that Rita is a rogue Green Ranger who now serves Lord Zedd. In the trailer, we can see what she has summoned the towering creature Goldar, a villain that dates back to Season One of the TV show -- so it's welcome news that the classic elements of the television program will follow along to the big screen.

Red Ranger

Now that you have seen more of the Power Rangers in action, what do you think about this upcoming reboot? It won't be long before we are able to finally see director Dean Israelite's production in full. The movie drops on March 24. Are you excited for the next generation of Power Rangers?

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