It finally happened, Star Wars fans. After years of anticipation, speculation, and hype, we finally know what to call Episode VIII. Following a badass title like The Force Awakens was no easy feat, but I have to admit I am completely on board with The Last Jedi. It's short, sweet, and it tells rabid Star Wars enthusiasts everything that they need to know about the upcoming sequel, while still keeping its best secrets at an arm's distance.

The sheer amount of mania that has ensued in the days following the announcement of The Last Jedi has made one thing clear: the film does not need to show any footage before hitting theaters in December. It's an outlandish idea, but it's also one that has a ton of potential for success, and actors like Adam Driver have even championed it. Check out our list of reasons why The Last Jedi shouldn't show any footage to audiences before December 15, and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We have plenty of reasons to get through, but let's kick this off with one of the most obvious of the bunch.

It Will Help Keep Spoilers To An Absolute Minimum

Every time a major blockbuster movie releases a new trailer, it flirts with disaster. The studio obviously wants to entice people and convince them that the film looks good, but they also need to be careful as to what footage they should show. Sometimes this works well, but other times the people who cut the trailers show far too much of the wrong footage. The Last Jedi has thus far done an impeccable job of keeping us entirely in the dark regarding the nature of its plot, and we really think it should stay that way. Fans haven't been genuinely shocked by a major franchise plot twist since The Empire Strikes Back, and The Last Jedi has a unique opportunity to recapture the spirit of the pre-Internet era. If the film releases no footage, its biggest spoilers will remain completely intact, and I think that's something fans can look forward to.

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