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Daisy Ridley Faces A Ton Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Questions, Refuses To Crack In Funny New Video

Now that we know the title to the next Star Wars movie, everybody wants to know what it means. Of course, only those who were part of production would know the answer, which is leading to some awkward moments for one of the stars. Josh Gad is currently filming a movie with Daisy Ridley and he attempted to use the opportunity to get some information on the new movie. The attempt is unsuccessful, but hilarious. Check it out.

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We're afraid that Daisy Ridley may be getting inundated with questions about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. She's currently filming Murder on the Orient Express with a star-studded cast and if Josh Gad is any indication, they're all going to be impossible to deal with. Gad lures Ridley into his trailer claiming to have a question about the scene they're going to film and then drops the Last Jedi bomb on her. Daisy Ridley may have the best "not amused" face in the world. Maybe Gad should have waited until Daisy was dressed

Of course, Josh Gad's interrogation is equally funny. He's every Star Wars fan out there. He's dying to know the answer. Is Jedi plural in this case? Is Luke The Last Jedi? Is it Rey? He starts to get angry but then apologizes because he knows he shouldn't get this upset about it. Daisy Ridley holds up, however, the most we get is an agreement from her that the title sounds ominous.

Josh Gad even tries to bribe her with the "news" that Olaf will be appearing in Frozen 2, which, we suppose, might count as news. Nobody really believed the talking snowman wouldn't be there, but it may not have been previously confirmed, so there's that.

Josh Gad is, of course, filled with all the same questions that the rest of us are following the reveal of the title for Star Wars: Episode VIII. We have many theories about what the title could mean, what the color of the font means, and what it all means for the future of the franchise. Having not seen so much as a frame of the movie has everybody wondering and without an ounce of evidence. We'd all like to be pointed in the right direction at the very least.

While Star Wars: The Force Awakens had their share of rumors that turned out to be true, none of it could be traced back to the film's main cast. Daisy Ridley has some experience in not talking about her movie, so we're not expecting to hear her spill much of anything over the next 11 months before the release of the movie. We're happy to watch people try, however, as the attempt has an entertainment value all its own.

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