What Trainspotting’s Ewen Bremner Will Be Doing In Wonder Woman

During the Justice League montage at the heart of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we saw a photo of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman lined up with her World War I compatriots. Among those compatriots was none other than Star Trek's Chris Pine and Trainspotting actor Ewen Bremner. While the former was pretty apparent, the latter was a bit of a surprise, which made us wonder just who he'd be playing in the solo Wonder Woman origin film slated for this June. Well, we've finally learned a little more about what Bremner will be doing in the movie, and it sounds pretty important.

Digital Spy recently talked to Ewen Bremner, in connection to the UK premiere of T2: Trainspotting. So, of course in addition to discussing Danny Boyle's latest film in theaters, the subject of Wonder Woman came into question, and Bremner's enigmatic role was a topic of discussion. While there were obvious limits to what could be discussed, the actor did give away the following details:

I play a character who's enlisted by Wonder Woman to help save the world as part of a small, unlikely band. He's a shellshocked soldier who's been discharged from the war and is brought back to help on a secret mission.

Now stop us if you've heard this one, but it sounds like Wonder Woman is another DC Comics story where a group of hand picked warriors are sent off on a "secret mission" in which the world depends on the outcome. This secret mission may or may not be connected to Ares, the recently revealed villain in Patty Jenkins' DC Universe debut, or it could be related to the more Earthly side of the action. Either way, it sounds like as far as the Wonder Woman tribe is concerned, Ewen Bremner is going to be one of the more sensitive members when it comes to the ravages of war. Which is particularly interesting when you think back to Wonder Woman's role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Wonder Woman Group Photo

Considering that by the time we're introduced to Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman _she's turned her back on humanity without a reason to fight, it sounds like the secret mission our favorite Amazonian princess and her brothers in arms may come at a high cost. That cost may include Ewan Bremner's character, and other members of the team, which would explain how _Wonder Woman bridges the gap between the character's origin story and the current DC Cinematic Universe.

You can see Ewan Bremner next in T2: Trainspotting, which is currently open in the UK and will open in the US on March 17th; as well as in Wonder Woman, which opens on June 2nd.

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