The Hilarious Way Aurora, Illinois Plans To Celebrate Wayne’s World’s 25th Anniversary

Wayne's World

Out of all of the anniversaries that 2017 will see in the world of film, Wayne's World may be one of the ones we're most forward to celebrating. Twenty-five years ago, we all saw one of Saturday Night Live's best sketches become a movie that's lasted as a comedy classic through the years. But no one is more excited to celebrate the release of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey's cinematic opus than the actual town it was set in: Aurora, Illinois. How excited are they? Well, apparently, they're about to dedicate six whole months to commemorate Wayne and Garth's journey to stardom.

The news came from director Penelope Spheeris, as she spoke to Entertainment Weekly in connection to an anniversary screening of Wayne's World. In particular, Spheeris described how the celebration became the behemoth event it is now as follows:

I was told that Aurora, Illinois [where the film took place] was doing a celebration. Evidently, it started off as they were going to do a one-month celebration and now it's turned into, believe it or not, a six-month celebration of Wayne's World. It's starting in February and ending on July 4 with a headbanging session to "Bohemian Rhapsody" in an effort to get more people than ever before together to headbang to that song. I can't believe it. Don't they have pumpkins or strawberries to celebrate? Isn't that crazy?

At first, we kind of thought celebrating Wayne's World's 25th anniversary for six whole months was a bit excessive. But when we realized that the entire event would end on July 4th, with the biggest collective headbanging session ever, we couldn't help but see the genius in it. What better way to celebrate the freedom of this nation than to honor one of the most memorable moments in film history by recreating it? Though we've rhetorically posed the question to you all, we can sense that some of you are doubting just how memorable this scene is.

That's fair enough, and to that point we'd like to run a little test. Included below is the video of what's arguably Wayne's World's most memorable scene. Feel free to watch it, with the volume turned up as high as you can stand or your current environment will allow, and try not to get your own head banging along with the music.

Whether you banged your head or not, if you're a Wayne's World fan, you may want to keep on top of what's going on in Aurora, Illinois during its "Party On!" celebration of 25 years of Wayne's World. If that's the case, then feel free to check out the town's official calendar, as they've got plenty of events in the months to come.

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