Watch The Transformers Super Bowl Trailer Right Now

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events of the year. The Transformers movies are some of the most viewed films in the world. It makes sense that the two would come together. Michael Bay is only giving us some of this year's Super Bowl TV spot. we'll have to wait for game day for all of it, but what we get certainly looks interesting.

For a Transformers commercial, the Super Bowl ad for Transformers: The Last Knight is oddly soft and melancholy to start. It gives us a little tease of its own, that it may or may not answer on Sunday, that the film has an answer to the question of why the Transformers always seem to find themselves fighting over Earth as opposed to someplace else in the galaxy. But by the end of the commercial, we see the one thing that we're familiar with, that something is seriously wrong with Optimus Prime.

The one full trailer for Transformers The Last Knight that we've seen focused on the fact that our Autobot hero will apparently become a villain this time around. We do see some more of his battle against fan-favorite Bumblebee here. We also get an ominous female voice asking if somebody, it's implied to be Optimus Prime, seeks "redemption." This voice certainly looks to be attached to Prime's change, though that could simply be some trailer editing magic.

The part that's a bit more interesting is the tease from Sir Anthony Hopkins about why the Transformers always end up back on Earth. This will almost certainly play into the time travel aspects of the film that we know are there, but that the trailers have yet to really show us. We know that different parts of the movie will deal with the King Arthur, and possibly Merlin, as characters, as well as an alternate history version of World War II where the Nazi's successfully invade England. We have yet to see much of that aspect of the film at all, at least not in a way that explains how it all fits together. We're wondering if we might get some of those answers in the part of the ad that we're apparently not seeing, or if they'll continue to hold that part in reserve.

The full Super Bowl commercial is apparently more than 30 seconds long meaning Paramount has shelled out some even bigger bucks in order to give this one some prime exposure. Considering that the last few Transformers films have made more than a billion dollars a piece, we're sure the marketing budget for Transformers: The Last Knight is fairly significant.

We certainly don't expect to have all our questions about Transformers: The Last Knight answered on Super Bowl Sunday. For that, we'll have to wait until the film hits theaters on June 23.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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